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Voice actors allege betrayal in the SAG-AFTRA deal that permitted one studio to create replicas for the union members. The voice actors expressed their displeasure in such an agreement that allowed Replica Studios to generate the AI-powered versions imitating members’ voices with respective consent.  

SAG-AFTRA Accused of Neglecting Voice Actors

The union comprising actors and performers revealed in a Tuesday post that the SAG-AFTRA deal establishes the rules to apply in Replica Studios’ use of voice capture. The deal captures a detailed scope involving actor consent, remuneration, and control around subsequent utilization. 

Some voice actors led by legendary Kellen Goff, popular for his input in the Five Nights game series at Freddy’s, reacted to the news of the deal, terming it as useless. He urged fellow voice actors to consider exiting the SAG-AFTRA and establishing a separate union since the current one proved out of touch for the members left vulnerable to the AI. 

 Tony Karedes echoed Goff by indicating that voice actors should establish their union and prioritize exercising their rights. The voice actor at the Aesir Interactive game studio admitted feeling appalled by the decision.  

AI Trading

Karedes indicated that actors desire to work while realizing safeguards from the machine learning and AI threats encroaching on their livelihoods by taking away their opportunities to act. A deal supporting the AI-powered encroachment on the voice actors’ autonomy yields a dangerous precedent. 

Voice Actors Oppose SAG-AFTRA Deal with Replica Studios Alleging Exclusion

Other voice actors expressed frustrations towards the SAG-AFTRA deal and affirmed their exclusion from the vote to the deal. Others allege that few of their voice actors’ peers were consulted before the deal’s closure.

Pax Helgesen, who serves as a sound designer at Bungie, affirmed his stance as a non-union voice actor, ruling out the possibility of actors attempting to monetize AI replicas. He announced his opposition to the AI-powered replicas, a reason he declared the deal overlooked their preferences to act and not support the deal.

Steve Blum ruled out the knowledge of voice actors within the entire community that approved the deal. The voice actor featured in several shows, including X-Men and Cowboy Bebop, besides involvement in Mortal Kombat and God of War, denounces the agreement.  

Veronica Taylor, who starred in Ash Ketchum’s voice and mother in the Pokémon anime series, labeled the SAG-AFTRA deal with Replica Studios, signaling the slippery slope downward. Taylor questioned the approval of the agreement without the requisite notice and vote. 

Taylor questions the deal’s intention and why the actual actor’s voice is not used in the video game. She considers that each job yields a unique opportunity for the human actor to participate. Encouraging and facilitating AI replacement amounts to elevating the slippery slope downward. 

The denouncing of the SAG-AFTRA deal with Replica Studios comes when the gaming community decries the rising utilization of generative AI tools. The resulting industry layoffs are shaking the gaming industry to the core. 

Union Motive Questioned for Feeding Voice Actors to Wolves

The voice actor in Akira and Digimon, Joshua Seth, termed the deal the biggest mistake. He echoes the frustration and disapproval of the union leadership to enter the agreement that the voice actor in Samurai Jack Greg Baldwin labeled as useless. 

Clifford Chapin, the voice actor in the Dragon Ball Super and the Attack on Titan, downplayed the deal. He questioned the motive of the union, which is mandated to support and safeguard the people, instead of choosing to feed them to the attacking wolves. 

The voice actor in Genshin Impact, Daman Mills, indicated that it is an appalling experience that the SAG-AFTRA is urging unity and support from the voice actors. He laments that the union fails to support the course that would guarantee the voice actors the basic protections against AI-powered encroachment. 

AI is proving a controversial element within the entertainment and gaming sectors. The technology and gaming firms are readily adopting AI, singing praise to its potential.

Several firms led by NVIDIA and Xbox label generative AI as assisting actors, game developers, and writers to execute their tasks faster and better. 

The majority of the industry workers hardly believe in the narrative. Instead, they exhibit fear that artificial intelligence is eliminating their future engagements. Baldwin ruled out signing the agreement since the union compromised the voice actors’ rights and considerations in the contest against AI replacing humans. 

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