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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has expressed his support and sympathy for the people influenced by the earthquake that recently took place in Syria and Turkey. He has offered an enormous donation to the earthquake victims, showing his solidarity with them. As per several news sources, the Ethereum co-founder provided a sum of up to $150,000 value of Ether to Ahbap Earthquake Support.

Vitalik Buterin Allocates $150,000 for People Affected by Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

With this, he intends to support the natural disaster that occurred in the two nations. Buterin transacted a cumulative amount of almost $150,000 from “vitalik.eth” (his crypto wallet address) to Ahbap’s wallet, as per the transaction data provided by Etherscan. The generous contribution from Buterin will surely put a beneficial effect on the endeavors taken by the organization to assist the people impacted by the severe tragedy.

The contribution additionally indicates the growing adoption of crypto assets to deal with charitable assistance. Natural calamities hinder people from getting funds for requirements like food and medical supplies via standard banking means. Ethereum and other such crypto assets will provide significant speed and convenience in the procedure of acquiring funds.

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Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer of the crypto exchange Binance, talked about the respective matter in his recent press statement. As per Zhao, the latest earthquakes in Syria and Turkey have turned out to be catastrophic for several communities and individuals. In his statement, he mentioned that they are optimistic about their endeavors will be assistive in relieving some of the people who have been impacted.

The CEO added that they are inviting the other industry players to come close for another time to provide support to help minimize the effect of the current crisis. On Monday, several people in Syria and Turkey witnessed irrevocable changes in their lives as a consequence of a couple of tremors that took place in rapid succession. The event jolted the respective area and shockwaves were sent to a zone of several hundred miles.

The first earthquake’s magnitude was 7.8 on the Richter scale while the 2nd earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5. The difference between the two earthquake jolts was nearly 9 hours long. These earthquakes were labeled as the strongest to be witnessed in the respective region during the previous one-hundred years. The number of people who died in the 2 countries because of the earthquakes has surpassed the figure of 25,000.

This indicates that the respective earthquakes were the worst to occur in the world during a decade. The fatalities in Syria and Turkey during this week have surpassed the number of casualties witnessed in 2011’s Fukushima disaster in Japan. At that time, the magnitude of the earthquake was 9.0. The respective magnitude paved the way for a tsunami engulfing the lives of above 18,400 people.

On Tuesday, Recep Tayyib Erdogan (the president of Turkey) stated that the country is going through the most enormous catastrophes not just in the Turkish Republic’s history but also in the entire world. Following the earthquake, a blockchain analytics platform Chainalysis evaluated the value of the crypto assets sent to the affected jurisdictions.

$5 Million in Crypto  Sent to Earthquake-Stricken Areas

As per the firm’s statistics, more than $5M in Ethereum as well as the rest of the crypto donations was delivered to Syria and Turkey. Elliptic, the platform that competes with Chainalysis, has also confirmed the respective computations.

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