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Vitalik Buterin – the co-founder of Ethereum – is confident that the endeavors of Meta to construct the Metaverse will not be translated into reality. He stated this while answering the thoughts of Dean Eigenmann. Eigenmann is of the view that, even though the concept of the metaverse makes sense, the Metaverse’s construction will not take place via Venter Capitalist funding.

While reacting to this, Buterin mentioned that the Metaverse will have its place within the industry however he thinks that the present corporate endeavors to deliberately establish the Metaverse do not move in any particular direction. At the moment, Meta (the parent firm of Facebook) is driving the corporate interest in the construction of the Metaverse following the rebranding of its entire business concerning the concept.

Buterin Opines that the Metaverse Attempts of Meta Will Rebound

Nonetheless, the Ethereum co-founder considers that this move will not be effective in the favor of Meta, saying that all the operations done by Facebook (rebranded as Meta) will now fall through. He added that the real definition of the Metaverse is not known to everyone and it is considered early now to discuss what are the desires of the people related to the Metaverse. That is the reason why the social media giant will fail in its attempts.

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Buterin – who is known to be among the most famous personalities within the community of cryptocurrency – has additionally been among the people who frequently speak about it. He has recently been commenting on diverse problems taking into account the S2F model of Plan B as well as the rising market of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Nevertheless, the Ethereum co-founder has rarely talked about the Metaverse and most of his views in this field have been accepted by the community.

Corporate Institutions’ Role in the Metaverse

While Decentraland, The Sandbox, as well as other crypto projects have received considerable success in this world, this concept has additionally been adopted by some other prominent corporations to have further advancement. Budweiser (a beer-making firm), Adidas (a Fashion brand), and other such firms have issued non-fungible tokens along with hosting occasions within the virtual world.

But, the efforts of Meta for the Metaverse have been doubled to maintain its leading position within the market. The company has recently disclosed that “Reality Labs” (the Metaverse section working under it) lost up to $2.8B during this year’s 2nd quarter.

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