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As global crypto adoption nears reality, more crypto companies are making their mark in improving crypto education across the globe. Proper crypto education has long been identified as a key factor that will hasten the adoption of cryptocurrencies. But crypto education is relatively costly, especially advanced training courses, and the average person might need help to afford them.

Axie Infinity, one of the fastest-growing crypto companies in the world, is part of four brands that are collaborating with a popular Venezuelan politician, José Alejandro Terán, to bring crypto education to interested Venezuelans. The scheme is expected to increase knowledge about core crypto concepts and to help participants to gain the right skills to become successful in crypto.

Terán initiated the scholarship for Venezuelans as part of the La Guaira Digital program. The program was developed with the goal of improving development, growth, and knowledge to drive stability and growth in Venezuela’s economy. Terán promised to sponsor interested candidates to the Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets.

The training program will cover specific crypto niches such as mining, NFTs, and trading in order to empower the participants with different skills. The crypto industry provides several earning opportunities for anyone, and they can choose to be active traders, holders, and investors, or miners who receive rewards for providing crypto mining capacity.

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According to Terán, the training will also cover the installation, repair, and networking of crypto mining equipment. He expressed his belief that the initiative will help to create hundreds of jobs in Venezeala and positively contribute to the economy. Terán is known for his pro-crypto stance and many expect him to promote crypto adoption if he ever becomes a public official.

Crypto Adoption In South America Is Growing

South America has one of the fastest-growing crypto adoption rates in the world. Following El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender, more South American countries are reported to be considering cryptocurrencies. But cryptos still face a lot of opposition from governments and individuals in South America.

For politicians like Terán, cryptocurrencies offer an exciting and reliable tool for advancing the economy and improving the lives of the common man. But if cryptocurrencies are to reach their true potential, several issues must be addressed and put to bed as early as possible to facilitate adoption.

Colombia is another South American country that is undergoing rapid crypto expansion as more Colombians turn to cryptocurrencies to preserve value. Cryptos have been called the better option for small economies than the newly proposed Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Regulations May Stifle Crypto Growth

One of the hotly-debated topics today in the crypto-legal intersection is the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Some countries have outrightly banned crypto trading and mining, while many others have tough regulations that make it difficult for crypto traders and developers to grow.

In the US, the government, through its regulatory agencies, is taking steps to bring stability and improved security to the crypto industry. Analysts expect crypto in the US and South America to reach more people in the future.

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