Thursday, June 17, 2021

VeChain (VET) Can Now Be Used To Buy, Trade and Collect VIMs at VIMmarket

As a recent report has it, VET, the native token of the leading enterprise blockchain platform, VeChain, is now available on VIMmarket, a VeChain-powered project.

The news was shared moments ago via the official Twitter handle of VIMworld, a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem. The new development implies that the digital token VET can now be used to purchase, trade, and collect VIMs at VIMmarket.

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The report further stated that the Dashboard and Wallet Management tool has been updated to support VEED tokens.

VIMworld tweeted, “VET support for VIMmarket is available RIGHT NOW! Buy, trade & collect VIMs using VET! Also, we’ve updated the Dashboard and Wallet Management tool to support VEED tokens. Next milestone: VIM Tier & Feeding contract migration.”

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On Why VeChain (VET) Is Incorporated

According to the announcement, VeChain (VET) is added to give VIMworld community members a safe means to purchase and collect VIMS:

“As work on the VIM Tier & Feeding contract migration as well as VIMmarket migration to support VEED continues, we’ve received many inquiries from community members (old and new) on where to purchase and collect VIMs. Thus, we’ve decided to support VET trading while we are in the transition phase until the migration happens.”

VeChain Foundation Reacts

In order to confirm and make the announcement reach VeChain community members far and wide, VeChain Foundation retweeted the update, calling interested members of the community to give the market a try using their VeChainThor mobile wallet.

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VeChain Foundation tweeted, “VeChain-powered project VIMworld enabled VET trading for their NFT collectibles. Check out using your VeChainThor mobile wallet or VeChain Sync desktop wallet if interested!”

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