Vatican AI Specialists Labels Technology as Absolutely Positive’ as Human Intelligence Product
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The Vatican’s specialist in artificial intelligence, Friar Paolo Benanti, referred to the technology as ‘absolutely positive’ due to human intelligence. However, he cautioned of ethical consequences in the absence of good governance.

Friar Paolo Benanti is a Franciscan order monk and the Vatican’s artificial intelligence (AI) specialist. He has used the term ‘absolutely positive’ to refer to artificial intelligence. This is because it is a product of human ability and intelligence. However, he believes that it evokes ethical issues.

Establish Guardrails to Resolve AI Ethical Issues

 A January 18 report from the AP showed that the monk firmly believes in artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, he still believes that government guidelines founded on ‘ethical factors’ must accompany the technology’s development. Friar said he profoundly comprehends that neutral technology does not exist since any tool can become a weapon.

Friar has an engineering background and a PhD in moral theology. He claimed he is passionate about the ‘ethics of technology’ and advises the Pope. On December 15, the Pope released a 3400-word letter highlighting the technology’s dangers.

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Friar is also an artificial intelligence commission leader advising the Italian government and a member of the UN Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence. His significant issues concerning AI’s ethical implications are not evoked by persons who utilize it.

Instead, they originate from governance over the technology and the ‘appropriate utilization level’ in a societal context.

Vatican AI Specialist Warns Technology Capable of Eroding Individual’s Social Links

Friar also said that AI might currently destroy people’s social links, which entails their ability to exist as a species. As such, proper governance is critical. In this case, the answer is purely ethical and bestowed on national and global links between states.

Through his yearly peace message for this year, the Vatican AI expert stressed the need for global leaders to establish and support a universal agreement promoting the ethical utilization of artificial intelligence.

For instance, Friar claimed that artificial intelligence could be a ‘significantly robust tool’ for reducing medicine costs and improving doctors’ reach. Nevertheless, he warned against picking information that does not ‘adequately include’ a vast demographic. 

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