United States Department of Defense Foresees ‘Artificial Intelligence Versus Counter-Artificial Intelligence War’
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The United States Department of Defense has defined several goals for implementing and training artificial intelligence for perseverance to attacks and processing information, as it expects a war between artificial intelligence and counter-artificial intelligence.

On January 25, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) released a statement explaining the start of its utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), envisaging a war between AI and counter-AI.

This statement came after a speech by the Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Center executive director, Jude Sunderbrunch, at the Google Defence Forum.

US DOD Seek to Integrate AI in War

This ‘war’ with ‘counter-artificial intelligence’ concerns identifying and blocking manipulation efforts by artificial intelligence systems while developing resilient systems to these types of attacks.

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Daily, enemies attempt to penetrate boundaries and securities and move quite fast. Additionally, the adversaries are on fibre optic networks, enabling them to instantly shift from a single virtual private server (VPS) to another.

Using artificial intelligence to remain ahead of that will be critical. Further, Jude noted that this war would evoke significant questions concerning the truth. He also revealed he would call it a ‘strategic competition’ instead of an ‘arms race.’

DOD Leveraging AI to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

In December last year, the same sentiment was echoed in the developer sphere when Yan LeCun, Meta’s artificial intelligence boss, claimed that an ‘artificial intelligence battle’ was happening. According to the Department of Defense, the United States is appropriately positioned to make developments in the artificial intelligence sphere.

In addition, a near-term goal is to utilize presently available artificial intelligence tools and apply them to information layered with other available data by the government. The DoD also mentioned two goals it plans to pursue.

They include applying artificial intelligence tools for threat and susceptibility assessment and using ‘various information’ to train the models. Army Colonel Richard Leach, the Defense Information Systems Agency’s intelligence director, mentioned the role of artificial intelligence in processing the ‘significant amounts of data’ offered to decision-makers.

Benefits of AI Technology

According to him, AI should be allowed to spot critical pieces of data and perhaps execute some of the fundamental analysis. Further, analysts should focus on the thorny issue set to ensure resources, time, and people are not wasted.

Richard said that utilizing artificial intelligence is critical in comprehending the changing and dynamic digital landscape. Each time a person changes their network redesigns their network or upgrades their patches, they alter the battlespace and the environment.

The United States government has been evaluating how to use and regulate artificial intelligence systems. On October 30, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, gave an executive order establishing six new fake intelligence security and safety standards.

On January 10, law enforcers cautioned about the potential of artificial intelligence to aid in scamming, hacking, and money laundering by eliminating the barrier of entry of the skills required to execute these crimes.

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