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A study by the International Labor Organization claims that artificial intelligence will more likely supplement jobs instead of destroying them. However, some roles might be at a greater risk than others.

Generative artificial intelligence is expected to supplement existing jobs instead of taking over them completely. However, some roles, for instance, clerical work, might experience automation of tasks as compared to others.

The International Labor Organization, a United Nations Agency, conducted a Generative AI and Jobs study on August 21, whose findings revealed that 24 percent of clerical tasks are highly likely to be automated. Additionally, 58 percent have medium-level exposure.

Artificial Intelligence Threatens to Eliminate Administrative Roles

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Examples of administration roles at significant risk include bank tellers, contact center clerks, typists, secretaries, hotel receptionists, and travel consultants. The ILO believes that the higher representation of women in administrative roles places them at a higher risk.

Specifically, 3.7% of all global female employment is in jobs with an increased likelihood of automation using generative artificial intelligence technology. On the other hand, the proportion of men in these jobs is 1.4 percent.

The report established that in the meantime, artificial intelligence automated work is highly likely to affect workers in high-income nations (5.5 percent) compared to low-income nations (0.4 percent).

The International Labor Organization’s study on generative artificial intelligence majorly focused on the effect of chatbot apps, for instance, Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Automate Crypto Customer Service

ILO’s report also reveals that client service and coordination-associated tasks have a high potential for automation. Additionally, record keeping, data management, information processing and language services, and tasks associated with replying to inquiries have high automation potential.

In the recent crypto winter of 2022, a majority of client services roles. In this case, some industry giants, for instance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance, experienced a significant headcount reduction. The cryptocurrency job board shows that Web3 client service roles currently comprise 832 of the overall 33846 listings.

Artificial Intelligence Yields Mixed Impact Towards Global Labor Market

Nevertheless, the ILO concluded that, as a whole, the workforce would not be impacted by artificial intelligence and that, for now, the technology’s overall effect is not specifically positive or negative. Instead, its effects will rely on the management and regulation of GPTs.

The agency wrote that in the absence of appropriate policies, there would be a risk that only some of the properly positioned nations and participants in the market would enjoy the benefits of the transition. In the meantime, the costs to affected employees would be cruel.

ILO’s findings are more positive than those of everyday United States citizens. According to a recent survey, 62 percent of the nation’s population believes that artificial intelligence will significantly affect the workplace over the next 20 years. The situation will leave several citizens concerned and cautious of their future.

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