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The UK government press release on Thursday, June 30, reveals approval of reforms to the Financial Services and Markets Bill to facilitate digital assets regulation and safe adoption.

King Charles Grants Royal Assent to FSMA 2023 

The reform bill identified as the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2023 attained the Royal Assent granted by King Charles to law. The new law amends the Financial Services and Markets Act to accommodate the recognition of crypto trading as regulated financial activity. 

The FSMA 2023 law considers crypto assets to include the digital representation of value and contractual rights that is cryptographically secure. Its provisions consider crypto assets as regulated financial investments, products, and instruments.

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In line with the Thursday statement, Royal Assent involves the final phase of the procedures following the lawmakers approving the bill’s contents. The assent converts the bill into an Act of Parliament. The FSMA 2023 received the upper house approval on June 19 before subjecting it to the Royal Assent stage.

The UK Treasury illustrated that the FSMA 2023 targets regulating crypto assets to guarantee safe adoption nationwide. It considers the amendments passed as portraying a significant achievement for the economy. The supporters of the amendment in the government perceive it as the rocket boost to moderate the financial services rulebook in the country.

FSMA Repeals Old EU Laws

The Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith, indicated the assented legislation as a landmark achievement poised to improve the financial services rulebook. He considers it a critical achievement to support UK businesses, safeguard consumers and guarantee economic growth.

Griffith indicates that the assented bill is repealing the old European Union laws that the UK relied on that was formulated in Brussels. Its assent to the law will facilitate the unlocking of billions of investments that would unlock innovation and guarantee economic growth. 

The FSMA 2023 affirms the UK stance in the global race to tap crypto talents and innovation. Griffith considers the law a catalyst for the advancement of the blockchain sector. Its assent is timely to pave the way for forming sandboxes in critically controlled environments involved in testing. Also, sandboxes will expedite new tech adoption within the UK mainstream financial markets, particularly blockchain. 

FSMA Legitimizes UK Race to Attract Global Talent

Sei Labs co-founder Jeff Feng observes that the formalized recognition of cryptos within the United Kingdom represents a critical leap in advancing the broader crypto industry. The executive of the blockchain development firm lauds FSMA 2023 as indicative of growing legitimacy in digital assets. The legitimacy has become crucial for multiple countries worldwide as various jurisdictions compete for supremacy in the digital assets ecosystem and tech space. 

Feng observed that the praise directed towards the UK in reaching the decisive regulatory approach to integrating crypto affirms an attempt to attract global tech talent. Also, it portrays attempts by the UK to rival other crypto-friendly jurisdictions. 

Feng adds that the FSMA 2023 places the UK at the center of the ongoing global race to attract crypto entrepreneurs and firms. The attraction increases the country’s potential to generate additional capital and job opportunities. 

Feng added that the UK joins Singapore and Hong Kong as the front-runners capitalizing on the absence of regulatory clarity in the United States. The FSMA 2023 would become the magnet attracting crypto firms to exit the US.

FRMA 2023 Facilitating the Enforcement of Edinburgh Reforms

The FSMA 2023 is set to facilitate implementing the Edinburgh Reforms. The reforms constitute a package of 30 adjustments targeting adjustment to the financial regulation. It provides for tax break extension to investment managers involved in crypto assets.  

The move granting Royal Assent to the FSMA 2023 aligns with the ambition of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to make the UK the global hub for crypto technology. His pronouncements in April 2022 harbored the ambition to bring stablecoins within the regulation and facilitate their recognition as payment forms. 

The FSMA 2023 law provides for enhanced scrutiny by financial services regulators. It guarantees a clear channel for accountability, democratic input, protected access to cash, and transparent oversight of regulators in financial services.  

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