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TRON will Stick to its Well-Established Name and Brand –Justin Sun

Justin sun, the CEO of Tron has in a series of tweets stressed the need to actively prosecute Tron’s trademark and the necessity of sticking to its well-established brand name. These statements were made in connection to the legal action between Tron and Disney, the American entertainment platform.

Risen and Arising Issues Regarding Tron’s Trademark and Brand Name

A couple of hours ago, Tron’s Justin Sun took to Twitter to clarify issues arising, or that may have arisen regarding the trademarks of the cryptographic project and its brand name, TRON, in a 6-session of tweets.

In the first tweet, the Tron CEO averred that TRON’s brand name is well-established with a suitable reputation all over the world. He then pointed out that the trending rumor that the TRON trademark has been invalidated by Disney is total misinformation meant to generate baseless FUD within the Tron ecosystem and the entire crypto sphere.

TRON’s brand is well-established and reputed worldwide. Lots of mis-informed FUD falsely claiming about TRON trademark invalidated by Disney.

Sun furthered by explaining the normal process needed to follow whenever an application related to the trademark is filed in the United States. He stressed the importance of class specification.

“When a trademark application is filed in the United States, it has to specify a “class” for the type of product or service that the trademark belongs to”

TRON has Filed Lots of Trademark Application in the US

Justin Sun continued by informing the Tron community about lots of trademark applications that have earlier been filed by TRON in the US for different and well-specified classes.

He pointed out that many of those applications filed were not challenged by Disney, because they were not directly affected.

“TRON has filed trademark applications in the United States for various marks in different classes, many of which have not been challenged and are not affected by Disney.”

In the fourth tweet, he said the filed applications that were challenged by Disney were purposely filed for defense, and these don’t really have a negative impact on Tron’s trademarks.

Tron will Stick to its Well Established Name

The CEO then promised to keep prosecuting Tron’s trademarks in the United States, adding that Tron has fully secured trademark registrations in several countries across the globe.

Conclusively, Justin Sun undermined the filed application, since it’s just a trademark office proceeding on registration. He said such cannot deprive Tron from using its name, assuring that Tron will stick to its well-established name and brand.

“In short, this is just a trademark office proceeding on registration and not a determination on Tron’s use of its name. Tron will and can continue to use its well-established name and brand,” Sun concluded.

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