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The crypto industry is growing daily. As of June 2023, there are over 10,000 tokens in the market. But recent scam incidents suggest that most of these cryptocurrencies are not legit. To avoid being a victim of a fraud token, you need the knowledge and skills to identify legit projects. But how do you acquire this knowledge? You can get it from crypto influencers.

You are probably wondering who these people are. You don’t have to, as this article will define crypto influencers and discuss their role in the crypto industry.

Who is a Crypto Influencer?

Simply put, a crypto influencer is an individual with deep knowledge of the crypto world. Such a person dedicates a lot of their time to monitoring the crypto market to stay informed about any hot project or one that’s likely to rug-pull its investors. After gathering the information, a crypto influencer shares it on social media platforms like Twitter.

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A crypto influencer can be a celebrity or a non-celebrity. The former is a well-known individual, while the latter is a regular person that enjoys monitoring and sharing on-chain data with their followers. Surprisingly, data from Grin shows that 60% of investors make investment choices based on recommendations made by non-celebrity crypto influencers, while 3% follow advice from celebrity influencers. That said, we will only discuss non-celebrity crypto influencers. Here are the top six to follow on Twitter:


With the Twitter user @CryptoYoda1338, CryptoYoda has been providing technical analysis for various cryptocurrencies for the last eight years. Over these years, he has witnessed the crypto market rise from nothing, reach its peak, and then crash again. CryptoYoda says this experience helps him to analyze crypto assets more accurately. His Twitter account has over 250,000 followers. It’s filled with multiple charts and his opinions about various tokens. So if you’re looking for someone to help you analyze the market, follow CryptoYoda on Twitter.

Josh Olszewicz

Before his current Twitter user (@CarperNoctom), Josh Olszewicz used to call himself IAMSatoshi. Along with sharing fundamental and technical analysis, Josh updates his over 130,000 followers with crypto-related news. He also shares his predictions on which tokens are likely to boom in the future, although he explicitly states that they are not financial advice.

Crypto Rand

With more than 230,000 Twitter followers, Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) focuses on predicting the price movements of leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, he regularly engages with his followers to discuss upcoming developments and their impact on the market. So if you are a Bitcoin trader looking for someone to help you analyze its price chart, then Crypto Rand is a top choice.

Lady of Crypto

Despite being a male-dominated industry, Lady of Crypto (@ladyofcrypto1) has shown that women can also strive in crypto. She does research on meme coins likely to surge in value and shares findings with her over $400 million followers. Lady of Crypto recently revealed that she had made more than $100 million from PEPE, a meme coin that grew by over 1,000% in April. That said, if you are a degen, @ladyofcrypto1 is the Twitter account to follow.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech, who goes by the username @IvanonTech on Twitter, is a crypto enthusiast dedicated to educating people on how blockchain works. Judging by the number of his followers (401,000), you can tell that people are starting to show interest in blockchain technology. Are you totally green in this space? Start your learning journey by following Ivan on Tech’s Twitter account.

The Crypto Dog

The Crypto Dog (@ThecryptoDog) researches and shares investment opportunities in the decentralized finance space with his over $700,000 followers. He claims to have been investing in crypto since 2011. So if you need guidance on which DeFi project to invest in, The Crypto Dog can help you.


We have discussed some of the top crypto influencers on Twitter who can help you gain knowledge of the crypto market before investing. It is, however, not advisable to follow their advice blindly. Always take time to do your due diligence.

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