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There is no denying that the crypto market is one of the most volatile markets out there. As a result, it becomes an essential part of any crypto trader’s or investor’s job to have an efficient and convenient way to keep track of and monitor the prices of digital currencies. The task can be accomplished with many great applications on the market today.


Crypto portfolio tracking apps such as Blockfolio are considered the best and therefore emphasize this enough.

A mobile app introduced to the cryptocurrency world (including Bitcoin) back in 2014 quickly gained traction as a preferred method for crypto investors to manage their investments. Since Blockfolio launched, there have been dozens of competitive apps, but none have attained the same market share.

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The Blockfolio app has also grown steadily as the company has added more features, such as Blockfolio Signal and the capability of directly buying and selling cryptocurrency within the app with no fees. In 2018, the application’s developer raised $11.5 million in investment capital before selling it to the global cryptocurrencies marketplace FTX. This article will examine the many reasons Blockfolio is considered an excellent tool for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios.

Blockfolio Pros & Cons


  • You can trade and buy crypto without paying any fees.
  • Cryptocurrency users can stay updated thanks to Blockfolio Signal.
  • Synchronizes with over 500 exchanges
  • Over 10,000 cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Customization at its best


  • Coins tend to avoid pessimistic news on Blockfolio Signal
  • The software is not freely available
  • Synchronization with third-party vaults is not possible
  • Currently available only for mobile devices

Blockfolio is safe, right?

Regarding crypto portfolio trackers, keep in mind that they can sometimes access your actual crypto holdings, and that is certainly the case with Blockfolio.

It is essentially a different interface on top of the user’s multiple exchange accounts with various exchanges. The Blockfolio app lets users trade cryptocurrencies directly with the app itself, and Blockfolio has over 500 integrations with FTX and other exchanges. The Blockfolio app does not permit customers to trade on most exchanges. Users sometimes can view only statistics attached to the exchange, but they cannot always view their holdings’ values at a specific marketplace. Blockfolio users can also access APIs associated with popular exchanges through the Blockfolio application to trade at those exchanges.

To ensure the safety of your Blockfolio account, you need to treat it as you would a financial transaction account. It may be necessary to be more careful about security because there could be many overlapping exchange accounts linked to Blockfolio every time you log in via the main dashboard of this cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

In general, you should not face any issues if you adhere to the standard security precautions to protect your trading account, especially by using two-factor authentication and having a PIN. However, you should also consider ensuring the safety of the backend servers that support real-time trading in the blockfolio app’s backend.

Supported Operating Systems

At the moment, it is only accessible via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, making Blockfolio the most popular crypto portfolio app. Neither a self-contained tool nor an extension or web browser currently functions on desktop computers. Additionally, Blockfolio provides primary information about the cryptocurrency market on its official website.


With Delta, you can now track your crypto portfolio like Blockfolio, one of the industry’s leading portfolio tracker apps. After launching in 2017, Delta attracted its first million users. The platform’s developers have added new features and simplified tracking cryptocurrency portfolios.

Most successful crypto portfolio apps offer unique features that are not available anywhere else. Delta allows users to track any investment, including speculations that do not pertain to crypto. A price tracker for Bitcoin and Ether is not all this app does. You can view your financial information on the go.

The app eliminates the need for multiple apps to cover various aspects of your investment portfolio, is beautifully designed, and is incredibly simple to use. Interestingly, Delta mobile reviews are average, 4.7 out of 5, which suggests not many angry customers have cropped up during the booking process. I would like to take a closer look at why Delta might be a viable option for tracking the movements of your crypto holdings, especially since it is a free service.


  • Keep track of both traditional and crypto investments
  • Attractive interface
  • Thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges supported
  • The app is continuously being updated
  • This app comes with some fantastic features in its free version
  • Delta Direct connects developers of crypto tokens with their users


  • Several exchanges are supported only for pricing purposes
  • There is no real benefit for most people to upgrade to the Pro version
  • There is no support for trading in the app

Is Delta Safe?

When it comes to crypto portfolio apps, Delta is undoubtedly one of the safest platforms for crypto investment. Delta does not allow users to make trades on their exchange accounts using the Delta app since they do not allow users to make trades through the app. The trading accounts of customers may only be connected with the exchange to view their recent transactions on the exchange and crypto holdings at the time.

This results in an exceptionally high level of security for Delta users, as they will no longer have to worry about securing accounts with access to many different crypto exchange accounts. In exchange for this, however, there is the concern that you will not be able to trade crypto assets directly from within the Delta app, which creates a little friction concerning managing your crypto investments overall.

Although this is true, Delta users must still be careful when adding an exchange API key to their accounts. Since multiple API keys are available on various exchange account interfaces, various exchange account API keys can be generated. Simply put, when you create a new Delta app API key, you should ensure that the key is “view only.” In short, you do not want this API key to make trades or withdrawals on your behalf since that would create a vulnerability that does not need to exist.

Supported Operating Systems

Delta can be used on any platform as it can be accessed from any platform. In order to use Delta, you will first have to download the Delta iOS app or Delta Android app on your mobile device. In addition to using your mobile device, you can also access your Delta portfolio using a desktop or laptop computer. To ensure that this functionality is available for you, you will need to download the Delta desktop extension on your computer in order for it to work.

This desktop software is just an extension of the mobile phone app rather than a separate application. It is not a standalone application for Windows, MacOS, or Linux computers. A-Pro subscription will be required if you wish for your calendar to be synced across five of your devices at the same time using the same app.

Crypto Pro

When the crypto revolution first began, tracking bitcoin price movements might have been sufficient; today, cryptocurrency traders will want to track thousands of assets daily. If you’re someone who’s invested in many different digital currencies, then you’ll want to make sure you always stay on the top of the crypto market by using a digital asset portfolio tracker such as Crypto Pro.

Crypto Pro isn’t the only option for tracking your crypto portfolio’s value. However, its focus on simplicity as well as privacy makes it a desirable option for those who want to keep up with the latest movements in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. As we examine this crypto portfolio tracker in our review of Crypto Pro, let’s take a closer look at all its features.

Crypto Pro Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is of extreme importance to protect the privacy of users.
  • Manages your trades with ease by importing from third-party digital currency exchanges
  • It supports fiat currencies and precious metals, as well as cryptocurrency
  • Multiple devices can be synced
  • Exchanges with extensive support


  • Trading is not possible within the app
  • It has a minimal web version
  • Only the premium version allows unlimited connections to the exchange API
  • Android is not supported

Is Crypto Pro Safe?

The Crypto Pro application received a high ranking in the category of safety and security due to two key reasons. Because of the app’s focus on privacy, the app offers a higher level of data security than any other app available today. Our servers will not store any of your credentials. Instead, it is stored directly in your Apple device or iCloud account (to facilitate sync).

As your exchange API keys will be stored locally in encrypted form, this structure becomes especially important regarding security.

The second reason Crypto Pro is one of the right choices for the crypto trader out there who is concerned about the security of their crypto funds. Since that data is going to be stored locally in an encrypted format, we must store that data in an encrypted format locally in order to ensure the security of your API keys.

We recommend that you thin out the application. In the case of adding another exchange account to the Crypto Pro app, you must be very cautious and follow certain guidelines.

It must be remembered that the API access you add to your app should never allow the app to perform sensitive operations, such as placing trade orders or withdrawing money. In this particular case, the option is unnecessary since you will be unable to trade from Crypto Pro until those options are removed.

Compatibility with OS

In order to use Crypto Pro, one must have an iOS device, which means that it is only available for use on iOS devices. This app also has a web version, however, the web version is minimal and basically consists of a list of all the coins that the app supports and sorting them by market capitalization. The app is also reportedly being developed into Android apps. At present, Crypto Pro is compatible with the Apple Watch and MacOS.


Specifically, CryptoPanic is a news aggregator platform that gives users and traders a better understanding of price movements related to the cryptocurrencies they hold or trade. It takes time to understand why cryptocurrencies are rising or falling since their prices change daily. It would require you to search through many crypto news websites and social media platforms to do research, for example.

Pros and Cons


  • Reduces the amount of time spent searching for news
  • User-friendly interface
  • The most recent news


  • Several news sites post the same news multiple times since there is all relevant news to post
  • The tool is free to use, but the Pro version is required for advanced features like Reddit and Twitter integration.

CryptoPanic Features

You have the possibility of selecting the cryptocurrencies about which you wish to receive news and articles. They are delivered to your preferred communication tool, and Slack, Telegram, and Discord are currently supported.

Mobile App

CryptoPanic’s mobile applications are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

CryptoPanic Pro

CryptoPanic Pros can use the app’s premium features to become a Pro. You can take advantage of future pro features when you sign up for premium features. The monthly or annual fee is free for CryptoPanic’s premium account.


Over 2,000 cryptocurrencies are tracked in this popular portfolio app. There are more than 50 wallet types and 25 exchanges that Bitsnapp can synchronize with. However, there is no application versioning. Concerning this tracking app, there is a severe lack of transparency in the vendor relationship.

Our knowledge of the launch date of this app and the date the parent company was founded is minimal. As far as we know, the vendors have not revealed who the team members are. The company motto or long-term objectives are even unknown to us, even though the company claims to have them.


  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • News about cryptocurrencies live
  • Applicant’s choice


  • Transparency of vendors is lacking
  • iOS app not available

Quick summary of Bitsnapp Portfolio

This platform has the following main features:

  • API sync

You can sync your account balances automatically with mining pools and exchanges through API integration. Over 25 APIs are supported.

  • Address tracking

With this platform, you can automatically sync your wallet address to your account balance. You do not have to update the balance manually each time, and over 50 addresses can be tracked at once.

  • Portfolio charts

Easy-to-read charts provide you with a detailed view of your holdings. The candlestick charts provide detailed information about assets that you own.

  • News

It’s easy here to keep track of news on cryptocurrencies is easy here. The information here should help you make informed choices as a trader.

Security of Bitsnapp Portfolio

The data collected by this application is not uploaded to the app’s servers. In the event that the servers were compromised, you will not lose any information. The application can also be locked by a passcode in the event that the servers become infected. There is not much variety in the features offered on this platform.


Beginners and advanced users will find this tutorial helpful as it covers the top crypto portfolio trackers available. It is important to note that these tools exist separately from ordinary trading apps and platforms people can use to track their assets. Our discussion also included the platforms on which traders can carry out both holdings and asset management and trading simultaneously without needing additional trading apps.

Despite the tremendous increase in mobile trading, desktop trading remains a popular choice for many traders. There is very strong recommendation that Blockfolio is an excellent, free tool that brings together portfolio management, charting, and trading functions in one innovative and easy-to-use application.

For those users who prefer mobile trading, it does not have a mobile version, but it has been designed to meet the requirements of mobile users. There are users in this category of customers who prefer Delta because it comes with features that allow users to track stocks and ICOs, although you will need to pay a fee for advanced features.

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