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Although it is a recent technology, blockchain has become very popular in a relatively short period of time. The same can be said about cryptocurrency as well. Both of these technologies have made a significant impact on the financial markets around the globe.

Blockchain and crypto have helped in the decentralization of finance around the globe. It has now established an open financial system. Technologies like these have made financial transactions more secure and transparent, improved the offered services, and made the world a better place.

As more people and companies are becoming interested in blockchain and crypto technology, it has become necessary that they learn more about it before investing their money.

Books are always one of the best ways to learn about anything. Therefore, we’ve compiled a brief list of essential books which you can read to learn in-depth about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

The author of this book was so interested in the bitcoin currency that in 2013, he left his banking job to join a bitcoin exchange named itBit. After pursuing a career in this bitcoin exchange, he decided to become a private finance consultant and continued to teach people about this new technology called bitcoin.

This book is one of the finest works of Antony and is one of the best books you can read on the topic today. This book gives you a complete understanding of blockchain and bitcoin.

This book covers topics such as the history of bitcoin and how you can make a profit by buying and selling bitcoin. It also explains the mining process and how you can mine bitcoin to earn it and later sell it for fiat money. The book also explains how cryptocurrency pricing works and how the value of any crypto token is determined. When it comes to blockchain, the book explains how smart contracts work and how some of the biggest blockchain-based platforms operate.

If you’re looking to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the book will provide you with balanced insights and will help you in making the right decision. You’re also taught how to detect and avoid crypto scams and how to find trustworthy exchanges to invest in and profit from crypto trading. The overall impact of these digital currencies on the global economy is also discussed.

The book “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains” has been nominated as a best seller, and it includes lots of in-depth analysis and insights on crypto and the whole blockchain ecosystem as a whole. Once you read this book, you’ll be better equipped with the knowledge that you’ll need before investing in any digital asset. You can get a fresh copy of the book from any popular online platform.

The Blockchain and The Future of Everything

This book gives us a glimpse of the future of the blockchain and predicts the future of the booming industry. Out of the two authors of this book, one is the chairman of the advisory board of CoinDesk, and the other one is a Wall Street Journal reporter.

The book explains cryptocurrency and blockchain in an easy to understand language. It also tells us how we can regain control over our personal data and finance with this wonderful technology. It mentions how blockchain can give common people an easy access point to the global economy without any hurdles. The impact of blockchain on the data and finance industry is also discussed.

The book explains how it can be challenging to replace the trusted global financial institutions which have been serving us for centuries now. The authors mention how it’ll remove the middleman for the betterment of society but also mention the damaging side of things as the global financial system goes through a major shift.

Reviews about this book celebrate its clarity and straightforwardness in explaining the possible future of blockchain and its impact on the global economy. So, for everyone who is interested in this rapidly growing industry, there’s a lot to learn in this beneficial book. It’ll open your mind to accept blockchain as the next big thing and will also teach you how it’ll achieve its motives. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon or any other online bookshop.

Blockchain Revolution

Both of the authors of this book, Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, are CEOs of their blockchain and crypto-related companies. They are praised for their work in the business industry and have written a few valuable pieces on the importance of blockchain in modern society.

In this bestseller, both of the authors deliver a greatly put together perspective of blockchain technology and how it can change the future of our economy.

Blockchain works by keeping a transparent and permanent public record of every transaction on its platform, which can’t be altered by anyone. Most people know blockchain from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain can also be used to record everything that holds value for humans. For example, you can even put your birth certificate on the blockchain, and it’ll be saved forever. The same can be done for land ownership papers, insurance information, and every other valuable thing.

Whenever blockchain technology takes over the world, it’ll prove to be beneficial for some people and will deliver a major blow to others. This book explains the potential of blockchain and how it can take us to the future of finance and the economy.

The book “Blockchain Revolution” has been termed as one of the most important books on the new and yet interesting field of blockchain. For any person looking to invest their time and money in a blockchain-backed asset, they should first read this book to gain in-depth knowledge of the industry and only then take a calculated risk of stepping into this newly emerging field. You can get both physical and digital copies by visiting an online book-selling platform.

Blockchain Bubble or Revolution

This book has been authored by 3 of the most popular industry leaders from silicon valley who have worked for Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The book doesn’t go with the current hype around cryptocurrency and blockchain and offers a neutral and balanced analysis of the market.

The authors of this book have served in roles like working in Khan academy and Microsoft, in government-backed programs, and being a product manager on Facebook. These roles make all three authors perfect candidates write a book like this.

This book focuses on the core concepts behind crypto and blockchain. This way, you’ll gain lots of knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of this technology. Real-world examples are analyzed to study the political and economic impact of the technology. You’ll be able to predict the future of this booming industry after reading this book.

Major topics covered in this book include the possible future of decentralization, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins, and crypto regulation, alongside its impacts. Blockchain is one of the most potent technologies in modern times. While many experts criticize the technology and call it a scam, others regard it as an invention as important as the internet itself.

The book offers a comparative analysis of the two contrasting theories and lets you decide for yourself between the two. Get your copy today and educate yourself about this revolutionary technology.

Blockchain For Dummies

The book “Blockchain for Dummies” was written by one of the most sought-after public speakers, investors, and fundraisers. Tiana is also the best-selling author on Amazon. This book contains lots of information about the crypto and blockchain market and how you can start investing with caution.

This book teaches you everything you’ll ever need to catch up with the rest of the world and enhance your understanding of this rapidly expanding client. Since the author has been actively working to make blockchain solutions, this book takes advantage of her experience and tells you what Blockchain can and cannot do.

While reading this book, you will also understand how blockchain actually saves all of its data permanently and how it stays independent in all of its functions. The book also provides you with an analysis of some of the most popular blockchains around the globe. This includes the Blockchain, which supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also discusses the impact of blockchain on global institutions and the financial system.

By reading this book, you will learn how exactly the blockchain system works, how it controls cryptocurrency and every other smart contract, how Blockchain applications are developed, and how different Blockchains perform their business.

If you have read any of this author‘s books, you will agree that she explains everything in the simplest manner so that even a lemon can easily understand the concepts behind the complex thing being explained. This book will equip you with all the knowledge and information you will ever need to start investing in Blockchain-related technologies and will even teach you how to carefully invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This book can be bought from Amazon.

Blockchain Basics

Since Blockchain is a complex subject that requires you to have prior knowledge of mathematics and a few other fields, this book explains everything from the ground up to help you understand thoroughly this newly emerging industry which is soon to take over the global financial system.

Instead of dividing the book into long chapters, the author Daniel Drescher has made 25 easy-to-learn steps that will help improve your knowledge of Blockchain with every step. Nothing too technical is used to explain the topics, as that will make the book a bit harder for a common person to understand. You can take this book to bridge the difference between complex and technical books and pure, easy-to-grasp knowledge about any core concept.

In addition to learning about Blockchain and its functionality, the book also explains how it is used in business applications as well. The book first explains what Blockchain actually is, what are its possible applications, why Blockchain is necessary in the modern world, what type of limitations still exist regarding Blockchain, why there is so much hype around this technology, and how the whole system works to deliver amazing results, and about all the major components of the Blockchain system.

Due to the plain language used in the book, everyone, either with technical knowledge or not, can easily grasp all the technicalities explained in it. You can buy this book directly from Amazon and read it to increase your knowledge of the Blockchain system.

Mastering Blockchain

The author of this book, Imran Bashir, has worked on many large IT projects and has been linked to the financial sector for quite a while now. In this book, Imran uses his experience to help the readers master the Blockchain basics. This book makes it possible for every person to learn all the technical details and the working of Blockchain.

In addition to covering the basics and the technicalities of Blockchain, the book also covers the concept of decentralization, why it is so important, and how it supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, smart contracts, and altcoins.

The book does not limit the explanation of Blockchain to cryptocurrency and goes a step further by explaining its application in businesses and IoT. This tells a lot about the possible bright future of the Blockchain ecosystem and how the global economy will be impacted by it.

By gaining all the knowledge offered in this book, you will be able to apply the concepts of Blockchain to different industries and explore more of its benefits. You will be able to explain the core concepts and working mechanisms behind bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency.

Moreover, you’ll be able to predict the future of Blockchain, explore the use of cryptography in Blockchain, learn how Ethereum 2.0 was developed, how smart contracts are developed, how Blockchain can be used beyond cryptocurrency, and you will also learn how to develop decentralized applications using different platforms.

In addition to using this book for self-learning, you can also use it as a reference at work and master everything related to Blockchain. Many copies of this book have been sold on Amazon, and you can order your copy from there as well.

The Crypto Trader

Out of all the books previously mentioned in this article, this book contains a detailed explanation of how you can become a crypto trader to benefit from the price changes in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The author, Glenn Goodman, is himself a trader and has poured all of his experience into this book to help you avoid all the mistakes he made in his first days of being a crypto trader.

You can learn from his mistakes and strengths to benefit yourself on your crypto trading journey. Glenn taught himself how to trade bitcoin and made lots of profit. Eventually, he became financially independent and quit his day job in his 30s to enjoy a happy life. You can do the same yourself by getting a copy of this book and learning the essence of it.

In “The Crypto Trader,” Glenn will take you through his personal journey of trading bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets and making lots of profit. By taking this book as a guide, you will be able to avoid making blunders and losing too much money too early. A major success for Glenn was the crypto boom in 2017, when he sold most of his crypto assets to make a big profit.

He still trades to this day quite successfully and also makes a profit from his bestsellers. The book has all of his trading strategies explained well. He is one of the most popular crypto traders and has millions of followers on social media.

If you want to study just one book on crypto trading, this book can prove to be the Swiss Army Knife of the most important crypto trading skills. This is a no-shit book that gets right to the point and has lots of vital information on the topic. You can get this book for a reasonable price on Amazon.


Blockchain is one of the most important inventions of the modern world, and it’ll soon deliver a major blow to the traditional global financial system. Pretty soon, most of our contracts will be digitally handled by blockchain, and cryptocurrency will potentially replace the traditional fiat currency. Blockchain has a huge potential to change the world around us forever.

Keeping in view the importance of Blockchain, everyone must have an in-depth understanding of this emerging technology. This is the only way you will be able to survive in the future. What other way to learn about useful technologies like Blockchain than reading a book.

All of the books mentioned in this article are picked based on the positive reviews from the buyers. Since they’re working for others, they’ll work for you as well. Pick one of these and start your educational journey to fully understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency work.

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