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It is now possible to make money transactions all around the world with the augmented reality technology, Metaverse,  which is one of the most popular concepts of today.

Metaverse can be defined as shared virtual world environments where people can access over the internet Metaverse stands for the digital domains rendered more realistic by using virtual reality or augmented reality.  It is a concept first used in a novel in 1992. Then, it started to take place in our lives with movies and video games.

The word “metaverse” is the combination of the words “meta” (beyond) and “universe”. Typically, this term is used to define within a perceived virtual universe the future internet concept that is composed of permanent, shareable, and 3D virtual environments.

Why Tetrix XTR?

AI Trading

XTR VR box which is the world’s first blockchain-based, high-performance technology developing platform, uses both blockchain technology and expertise in the conventional technology industry for the aim of establishing an extraordinary blockchain software experience. With over 4.000 active users per day, the daily volume of the XTR VR box is expected to reach 10 million USD.  Additionally, Tetrix Token has the largest communities in the blockchain that are active in more than one social channel.

The strong “society” factor of this platform brings the community together. It enables the investors to continue, to allow the platform.  At the end of the day, it aims to integrate all the companies, employees, and management assets into a blockchain ecosystem that would make the business truly productive, transparent, and reliable.

During its journey of becoming the leading blockchain application and development platform in the world, the XTR network community will contribute in a holistic manner.  The more the software is used, the more token mining will be made. The users will be able to show their dependence on certain BApps in the platform and take out the tokens.

Token Economy

XTR token which is a TRC20 based supplementary program token; is a Tetrixtokenorm token. XTR owners are the main user base of the platform and will have numerous advantages for their reliable support to the token.  Just like the VIP guests of Vegas Software development companies, XTR owners will be treated like the royalty of the blockchain.  XTR tokens will only be earned via Pre-Sales, secondary markets, airdrops, and promotion activities.  Non-comprehensive list of XTR usages can be seen below:

Staking and management rights: XTR will actively encourage both the traders and community members to join the user base.  The users will be able to use their XTR tokens and XTR Power to join the XTR platform management. By encouraging a well-informed and interested community, XTR can enhance the holding rates and enable the platform to grow as a response to player feedback.

Reducing resource consumption: Although the XTR platform will have a minimum cost due to benefiting from the TRON infrastructure, high-volume traders that serve a large user base and BApps will continue to hold and stake XTR.  Holding the XTR will reduce the number of resources used for each transaction.

Special opportunities and experiences: The Binance Charity Poker Cup which has recently been organized on the platform provided the users the opportunity to play with many celebrities such as Spencer Dinwiddie, CZ, Justin Sun and etc. In the future, XTR Token will have access to similar opportunities that cannot be accessed on any other platform.

Staking XTR Power: By staking XTR Power, XTR token owners will increase the value of their tokens to the maximum.  The XTR Power of a user will be directly proportionate to the amount of XTR staked.  Staking will be performed via smart contract.

Distribution of Stake Prizes: For the redistribution of the prizes to those who made the XTR platform possible, XTR will be used.  The exact stake and distribution mechanisms will be communicated in detail as the project launching date approaches.  The prize will be distributed as a percent of the income received from the platform activities.  The prize distribution will be realized automatically, without the artificial hoops that users can jump.

Why Tron?

XTR aims to strengthen its ambition to establish an “internet without a real center” to become the leading blockchain applications development platform among all chains.  From the company perspective, TRON has managed to become one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world and meet the expectations.   The aim is to benefit from the high productivity and scalability of TRON to provide the best user experience possible to the community to be served.

As blockchain technology becomes more popular in modern society, XTR will help develop mass adoption by training daily consumers.

Tetrix is aiming to build the future. The sales will start in 7 countries.  By virtual reality 360 VRs, payments will be made with Tetrix Token in the game platforms and movie theatres.   The company also expresses that its contracts with enterprises and platforms are ready.

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