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  • Tether has signed a groundbreaking MOU with Georgia’s BTU to empower students with knowledge of the digital economy.
  • The partnership involves comprehensive educational initiatives on stablecoins and Bitcoin and establishing an innovative learning environment in Georgia.
  • Tether’s CTO and BTU’s Rector both highlight the critical role of education and their partnership in advancing Georgia’s blockchain education ecosystem.

In an unprecedented development, Tether, the well-known stablecoin, has entered a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Business & Technology University (BTU), a prominent educational institution in Georgia. According to credible sources, Tether’s partnership with BTU will empower students with the expertise and proficiencies necessary for thriving in the swiftly expanding digital economy.

Furthermore, this collaboration encompasses the development of comprehensive educational initiatives centered around stablecoins, Bitcoin, and other innovative digital technologies. As a result, the primary objective of these crucial topics is to equip individuals with financial autonomy while simultaneously promoting the progression of freedom of expression.

In tandem with this alliance, the partnership also encompasses the Academy of Digital Industry, a domestic platform specializing in digital education, and Terminal, Georgia’s most expansive and vibrant co-working facility. Yet, the core objective of this strategic union is to establish an environment conducive to learning, fostering innovation and hands-on experience.

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Crafted Course for Comprehensive Blockchain Mastery

The course, lasting for one month and drawing inspiration from Tether and Lugano’s Plan B summer school, is meticulously crafted to give students a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology. In addition, the course structure comprises eight meticulously chosen lectures delivered by a balanced blend of domestic and international blockchain authorities.

As per sources, these specialist tutors and visiting lecturers will be dispensing their wisdom, relaying first-hand experiences, and overseeing a concluding project for the course. Moreover, global speakers in English will offer the initial lectures, thereby providing an international viewpoint. However, most course content will be delivered in Georgia, ensuring a seamless and relatable learning experience for the students.

Another thrilling aspect of this partnership is the potential provision of internships within the blockchain sphere for students. This facility allows students to utilize the knowledge they have recently gained practically. Furthermore, it provides them a priceless opportunity to make connections and engage with professionals in the industry.

Unfolding Tether’s Passion for Empowering Education

Voicing his enthusiasm regarding the partnership, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, expressed his steadfast conviction in the significance of education. He noted that Tether is committed to supporting education and scholarly pursuits. Further, he asserted that the alliance with BTU affords a phenomenal opportunity to engage local students.

Echoing Ardoino’s fervor, BTU’s Rector, Professor Nino Enukidze, underscored the value of this alliance. He mentioned their collaborative efforts with Tether are vital for fostering Georgia’s thriving blockchain education framework.

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