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  • Spanish police rescued a crypto portfolio manager kidnapped by his Albanian coworkers while on vacation in Benalmádena.
  • The victim sent a photo of his location to a coworker, who notified the authorities, leading to a coordinated effort to rescue him.
  • The kidnappers had a history of criminal activity and were caught with illegal weapons, counterfeit passports, and a chamber filled with tools.

Over the weekend, a Spanish report highlighted the kidnapping of a crypto portfolio manager from a Dubai-based company by his newly acquired Albanian colleagues. The incident occurred while the victim was on vacation in Benalmádena, Spain, and was held hostage for ransom.

Kidnap party turns into a nightmare

As per the report, the abducted person had been socializing with the group for a few days and encountered them at an opulent villa. The abductors bound him and insisted on payment of €1 million in exchange for his freedom. Despite the kidnappers permitting the victim to use his phone to reach out to the individual responsible for paying the ransom, he snapped a photo from the window. He sent it to a coworker, who notified the authorities about the incident.

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Upon receiving the information from the colleague, the law enforcement authorities swiftly launched a probe to track down the abducted person and secure their release. Following their lead, the police team pinpointed the captive’s exact location: a villa where the kidnappers had been holding him captive.

Through a well-coordinated effort that involved the deployment of 50 police officers, the abductors were successfully apprehended, and the hostage was rescued unharmed. During the operation, the police discovered a chamber filled with a collection of plastic, arms, and gardening implements such as saws and pruning shears.

Kidnappers’ False Identities: Uncovering Crimes Trail

According to the report, it was discovered that among the kidnappers, one individual had a history of criminal activity and was using various false identities. In contrast, two others had in their possession counterfeit Greek passports. The kidnappers have been detained by law enforcement and are facing charges for offenses such as kidnapping, possessing illegal weapons, and causing bodily harm.

The recent abduction of a cryptocurrency executive is a stark reminder of the mounting perils linked to digital currency transactions, underscoring the urgency for prudence when interacting with unfamiliar individuals and implementing heightened security protocols to safeguard against such illicit acts.

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