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With its newest product on the market (the wearable motion trackers), the Japanese IT giant, Sony, is placing a new stake in the metaverse market. These wearable motion trackers will allow users to access the metaverse from their cellphones.

Both Apple iPhones and Android phones are compatible with these motion trackers. A new system called the Mocopi system was dubbed for these motion trackers; it is made up of six pucks.

These pucks are worn by users around various body parts, such as the wrists, ankles, hips, and heads. The iPhone Operating System (iOS) and Android applications for Sony’s Metaverse will use these sensors to animate avatars.

Sony has revealed to the public when its Mocopi kits will be available to customers. The group said its latest gadget will be accessible next year, specifically by January 2023.

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The announcement also said it would be available at a meager and reasonable price of 49,500 Yen, equivalent to US $360. However, entering the virtual and augmented reality realms is a significant bet for a multibillion-dollar company such as Sony.

Facebook, now known as Meta, is also seeking to develop its metaverse for users as soon as possible. Sony, however, has an advantage over its rivals.

As one of the first in this game, it puts them at the forefront.

Bringing The Metaverse To A Larger Audience

So far, the Metaverse and Virtual Reality apps have not been able to connect with the general public. The high expense of getting the hardware has acted as a huge barrier to its entry.

Hence, it has not been accessible to the general public for a long time. But Sony Group Corporation is on a mission to break through this barrier.

The group also wants to carve out a niche in the worldwide gaming market. Hence, entering the market with its affordable new wearable motion trackers will be a good start.

Sony Group Corp. is attempting to capitalize on this metaverse trend by leveraging its technical know-how and expertise in software creation and the enormously successful PlayStation brand.

With its headquarters in Tokyo, the tech giant is all set to dominate the virtual gaming world as it did with console games. Sony might achieve this goal by offering these affordable personal computers and mobile gaming accessories.

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