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Solana network is presently the blockchain of choice for many game developers attracted by the upgrade undertaken in its silent months. This is a collection of games utilizing Solana on the Epic Games Store.

Despite the token price of Solana increasing in the past month, some people are unaware of the blockchain-enabled games registered on the Epic Games Store. 

A Game7’s 2023 State of Web3 Gaming Report shows that in 2023, an increase in the number of Web games on the Epic Games Store has been witnessed from only ten at the start of the year to at least 78 this month. 

Despite most games not being released or in early stages, their listings indicate the firm’s more open approach to hosting titles comprising crypto or artificial intelligence elements compared to Steam, a rival PC game launcher. 

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Game7’s report shows that Solana’s ecosystem comprises slightly over 125 games, which makes it the 4th most famous blockchain platform for game developers. Additionally, it makes it the most famous non-EVM chain. This is a list of all games on the Epic Games Store that utilize the Solana blockchain. 

Star Atlas

This science fiction (sci-fi) MMORPG is in development and utilizes Solana for its tokens and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The game’s early access footage indicates an immersive world comprising modern establishments, giant spaceships, and revolutionary attire for its third-person viewpoint playable characters. Back in July, ATMTA laid off 7.3% of its team.

However, development has been constant in the forthcoming game. The gaming firm unveiled a playable showpiece for Star Atlas nonfungible token holders on the Epic Games Store in September last year. 

ATMTA has continued promoting the development of the Solana game, unveiling an open-source software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to use the network to develop games. At present, Star Atlas lacks an unveiling date. 

However, it is scheduled for future release on the Epic Games Store. As fans await the finished game’s unveiling, they can utilize SAGE Labs, a blockchain browser project that utilizes Star Atlas lore. 

Chain Crisis  

This is considered a free-to-play cyberpunk dystopian shooter game developed in the fictional near-future Warpgate City world. It is in pre-alpha and registered on the Epics Games Store using the ‘Coming Soon’ tag, and it is scheduled for unveiling sometime next year. 

Chain Crisis has introduced male PFP-approach avatar nonfungible tokens on Solana and intends to provide players with in-game character cosmetics as nonfungible tokens. 

Angelic: Dark Symphony

The Epic Games Store page shows that this science fiction RPG will provide co-op, multiplayer, and single-player game modes. In March last year, the Angelic team generated $10M for its game from Pantera, Animoca Brands, Solana Capital, and others. At the time of writing, it was registered as ‘Coming Soon’ by its Metaverse Game Studios developers. 

Dark Symphony refers to Angelic’s single-player campaign model. The Epic Store FAQ shows that the Angelic team will ‘never’ include ‘play-to-earn’ or ‘pay-to-win’ game mechanics. The team considers these kinds of models ‘untenable and lethal.’


This free-to-play social metaverse game presently supports the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. At the time of writing, it was established that it is present on the Epic Games Store in early access. According to the Epic Store page, the game is in alpha and stresses enabling user-created content and community-enhanced development.

According to Yaku’s Epic Store page, there are plans for a despotic and open-world science fiction environment that involves an ‘all-powerful super-corporation Saikou being in control.’ Further, it shows that the game world will be gradually introduced over the next 5-7 years with step-by-step updates.


According to its executive producer, this free-to-play fantasy RPG’s title is ‘Pokémon meets the Matrix.’ Aurory initially unveiled its nonfungible tokens and the AURY token on Solana. At the same time, its team unveiled its multi-chain plans in July and intends to expand to Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer-2 platform. 

This month, Aurory revealed that ‘Seekers of Tokane,’ its RPG expansion, would also be unveiled on the Epic Games Store and in its native browser version. Earlier, Jonathan Campeau, Aurory’s EP, told a media outlet that the strategy to introduce a desktop version on the Epic Store was partly linked to technical restrictions enforced by a web browser. 

Aurory’s Seekers of Tokane will provide players ‘infinite volumes’ of land to delve into expanded Netfies battle features, portals, character personalization, and more inclusions to the game. Further, the fantasy adventure lacks a specific unveiling date on the Epic Games Store. At the time of writing, it was listed as ‘Coming Soon.’ 

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