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SingularityNET COO Janet Adams claims the pivotal moment for civilization might come earlier than anticipated. Amid the continued advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), singularity is the word that computer experts and science fiction fans are anxiously awaiting. 

Singularity refers to an essential moment in the future in which the growth of technology becomes permanent and overpowering, thus disrupting civilization. Whether the moment is scary or enticing, SingularityNET, an AI and blockchain developer, is seeking to introduce it.

SingularityNet Targets Benefiting Humanity

Jane Adams, SingularityNET’s COO, revealed that the firm’s vision is to progress towards a useful, positive, and benevolent singularity to benefit humanity. SingularityNET was founded by David Hanson and Ben Goertzel in 2017 and is a decentralized platform for AI programs.

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The firm claims it intends to use blockchain technology to ensure the availability of artificial intelligence to everyone. Goertzel earned his doctorate in Mathematics from Temple University. At the same time, Hansom has a master’s degree in Applied Neuroscience from King’s College London and a doctorate in Interactive Arts and Engineering from The University of Texas.

Adams explained that a significant step towards singularity entails closing the gap between robotics and AI, which the firm focuses on. In computer science, the attainment of singularity entails AI surpassing human intelligence, leading to quick, erratic technological advancements and societal changes.

Artificial Intelligence Facilitating Products Whose Capabilities Surpasses Human Intelligence

The primary question is ascertaining why one would desire to develop an entity or robot that could surpass human intelligence in the future. Adam’s answer to the question was that progress occurs by itself. In this case, progress in technology is a forward way, as indicated in how AI and the programming of statistics into computer programs have been occurring for years.

Despite several persons in science fiction and science aiding in establishing the idea of singularity, this term was invented in the late 1950s by John von Neumann, a Hungarian-American mathematician. Via his book, ‘The Singularity is Near,’ Ray Kurzweil, an author, computer scientist, and futurist, envisaged singularity would happen by 2045.

According to Adams, they were ahead of schedule. In this case, the firm recognizes that several research breakthroughs will occur before getting to human-level artificial general intelligence (AGI). However, the technology stack for that AGI has been created and could unite sooner than three to seven years.

Human-level AGI Distinct From AI

Despite AGI and AI appearing similar, their scope is years apart. AI acts as a calculator that is excellent in a particular task. On the contrary, AGI is similar to the brain of a human, capable of learning and executing any intellectual task that a human being can.

In 2021, David Hanson, the cofounder of SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics CEO, partnered with artist Bonaceto to release Sophia. This robot launch unveiled several artificial intelligence and NFT artwork powered by neural networks on Nifty Gateway.

In the same year, the Sophia DAO was introduced by SingularityNET. This decentralized independent firm was committed to Sophia’s development, growth, and welfare.

The current project by SingularityNET is an ‘Al Diva’ referred to as Desi or Desdemona, developed during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Adams, the intention for Desdemona involves becoming an artificial intelligence celeb, pop star, and influencer. Further, she revealed that owing to highly expressive faces, people develop robust links to humanoid robots, such as Sophia and Desdemona.

Desdemona’s face comprises 36 motors capable of moving in any emotion and more emotions one may think of. Besides, she can perceive and copy human emotions via voice tone, facial recognition, and word analysis.

Adams claimed that the rich collection of inputs enables Desdemona to comprehend an individual’s feelings and respond as needed. For instance, she can drop her voice tone to match that of someone she is talking to.

Despite SingularityNET being hopeful concerning the relations between robots and humans, which includes young persons, experts and psychologists are concerned about the impact of the bonding, particularly for children.

SingularityNET Develops Algorithm in a Manner Enhancing Good

Adams stated that SingularityNET’s belief involves developing each algorithm in a way that enhances good. Additionally, she claimed that decentralizing AI technology’s development is vital in creating AI that benefits all people rather than a few investors. For this to happen, she claimed they were pushing the limits of their decentralization initiative and seeking to outsource decisions to enhance decentralization.

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in the safe development of these models. According to Adams, SingularityNET has implemented interventions to safeguard user data and enhance privacy. She described blockchain technology as guaranteeing privacy since the information is utilized with approvals. Besides, people benefit by permitting organizations to utilize their information.

Responsible development of artificial intelligence evokes the need for a vast range of people to oversee, program, regulate, and develop it, resulting in the most appropriate outcome. Adams also claimed that people will progress. 

From their point of view, it is crucial to significantly lessen human inequality and suffering and change existence on the planet. 

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