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Key Insights:

  • DeSantis to ban CBDCs on day one if elected President in 2024.
  • The candidate highlights the potential misuse of CBDCs, threatening American liberty.
  • DeSantis’s bold stance adds a new dimension to the Presidential race.

US Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, has sparked significant discussion regarding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). In an unprecedented move, DeSantis has vowed to ban CBDCs in the US should he secure victory in the 2024 Presidential race.

DeSantis’s Anti-CBDC Commitment

In a recent interview with Blaze TV, DeSantis made his feelings about CBDCs abundantly clear. He expressed deep concerns about the potential issuance of such currencies by the Federal Reserve, especially in light of economic turbulence. The candidate criticized the Federal Reserve’s assertion that implementing CBDCs could occur without legislative and executive consultations.

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Tucker Carlson & Ron DeSantis Full Interview (Source: YouTube)

Significantly, DeSantis emphasized that such a crucial decision should require legal backing. Consequently, he took the opportunity to point out the steps taken in Florida, where legislation has been passed to quash the recognition of CBDC within the state.

Moreover, DeSantis predicted that this trend would extend to other states, inhibiting the Federal Reserve’s ability to introduce CBDC via executive action. Besides, the presidential hopeful warned that CBDCs, backed by influential entities like the Davos World Economic Forum, intend to phase out cash and cryptocurrencies.

Challenging Authority: DeSantis Takes a Stand

The contentious topic of CBDCs has also been a focal point for other candidates. Notably, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., another Presidential candidate, has expressed similar apprehensions about CBDCs.

DeSantis further underscored the potential misuse of CBDC power, hinting at a situation where authorities could prohibit certain purchases and even introduce a social credit system. Hence, he labeled CBDCs as a threat to American liberty. If elected, he committed to burying them in the “ash heap of history” on his first day in office, January 20th, 2025.

However, the path to this ambitious goal has its challenges. Opposition from partisan Democrats and entrenched bureaucrats is bound to present significant challenges. DeSantis, however, emphasized the importance of swiftly appointing executive branch positions to overcome these roadblocks.

DeSantis also alluded to potential power abuses within government agencies, including the FBI and CIA. His proposed solution includes appointing a new FBI director on day one, thereby stressing the importance of aligning with individuals who share his viewpoint in critical executive roles.

In conclusion, DeSantis’s stance against CBDCs has added a new dimension to the 2024 Presidential race. If elected, his pledge to ban CBDCs on day one is undeniably bold, highlighting his commitment to maintaining American liberty and preventing potential misuse of power. This development undoubtedly makes the election one to watch, as its outcome could drastically shape the future of digital currency in the United States.

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