Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ripple Joins Former CEO Chris Larsen to Make Huge Donation to Help COVID-19 Ravaged San Francisco

Ripple, the US-based blockchain tech, has joined hands with its former CEO, Chris Larsen, to donate the sum of $5 million to help San Francisco make the effect of coronavirus pandemic less severe.

The sum of money allocated for donation will be shared among five San Francisco-based food banks, which is expected to go a long way in the fight against the deadly virus in the state.

The former CEO of Ripple, the second-richest personality in the crypto space, Chris Larsen, who recently recovered from the COVID-19 infection, passed this across via his official Twitter handle a couple of hours ago.

He said:

“In times of crisis and calm, we can all step up to help our communities. Ripple and I are donating $5M to Bay Area orgs. San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, Samaritan House, Loaves & Fishes and Alameda County Community Food Bank making sure there is #Food4All.”

The recent philanthropic effort in display, was as a result of the social impact called “Ripple for Good”, which was established by the blockchain tech in September 2018, garnering over $100 million in contributions so far.

Impact of COVID-19 on Groceries Availability

Since the highly contagious and pathogenic virus COVID-19, was first discovered in Wuhan China, it has been able to turn all activities across the world upside down.

Many businesses are forced to short their doors, as a necessary measure meant to contain the spread of the virus. The closedown of businesses has led to a shortage of food, which brought about the hunger crisis in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

A number of people are becoming jobless, leading to food banks’ struggle to meet the increasing demand for food.

In some parts of Africa, there are reports of increasing social vices and hooliganism, due to the struggles to survive in the middle of total lockdown.

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