Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ripple Says It Aims to Conquer the Global Market by Mid-2021

Ripple, the cross-border payment firm, has recently hinted at its future expansion efforts to cover the reach every part of the with its payment solution by mid-2021.

This was shared by Marcus Treacher, the Senior Vice President (SVP) for Customer Success at Ripple, as the blockchain payment firm now has over 350 customers using its payment solutions across the world, with the intent of further expansion.

Marcus Treacher Hints at Ripple’s Big Plan for the Future

In a conversation with Z/Yen Chairman Michael Mainelli, Marcus Treacher stated that Ripple is preparing itself to provide payment solutions for financial institutions in every part of the world.

Going by Treacher’s account, Ripple has a mission to offer its customers a reliable payments service around the world. For this mission to come to reality, the payment firm will leverage the influence of its notable partners such as MoneyGram, Nium, and others alike.

He said:

“Our network is only as big as the customers that we connected to and clear through so right now we clear directly in 45 countries. Through a number of RippleNet members like Nium, for example, with a head office in Singapore, who are aggregators like Earthport, for example, we can touch many many other countries.”

He further stated that Ripple plans to utilize its payment network to foster cash payments in every country across the world. Treacher also believes that its partnership with MoneyGram will help in reaching the whole world by 2021.

“The way we’re heading I would think by mid-2021 we’ll have, to intensive purposes, complete global coverage. We do have a great pipe into MoneyGram, which we have a relationship with, which gives us a cash payout in virtually every country in the world and we’re looking to build that up and plug that into the RippleNet Network this year,” Marcus Treacher added.

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