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WEWE Global has launched its latest product: Cloud Minting Program, to take part in the minting of tokens.

The advantage it offers is that buying a program gives you a rental contract for hardware that will produce tokens. This hardware does all the work, and as a customer you receive free tokens for a duration of 900 days.

Let’s see in detail what it is, and if it is a smart purchase to make.

What is WEWE Global

AI Trading

WEWE Global is a platform of DIGITECH WORLDWIDE INC, which promotes products and services that can be paid for with Bitcoin, Ethereum or using their own WEWE virtual token. There are services of other companies available, through which WEWE Global can accept payments in cryptocurrency. Services such as: travel vouchers for discounts, trading signals, crypto-staking, and many more being added frequently.

As services of other companies, these  are also accessible directly from the companies. Then why should someone choose to get them through WEWE Global? Because on WEWE Global you can:

– Pay with cryptocurrencies
– Get discounts
– Share the product and receive rewards

Partnership with LYOFi

WEWE Global does not issue the services, rather it is the intermediary between the service and the end customer. To do this, it forms partnerships with other companies and projects. For the Cloud Minting Program it has entered into a partnership with LYOFi.

LYOFi is a crypto-platform for minting, liquidity, farming and staking services. It is a brand of DIGIFI GROUP LTD.

The first service LYOFi published is the minting of tokens and it has delivered exclusively to its partner, WEWE Global, on which it is possible to access and start using it.

What is minting?

Minting is a form of cryptocurrency mining based on proof-of-space. Thanks to this work, tokens are entered from the total supply to the circulating supply.

To start minting, you need hardware. Usually, those who proceed with these operations must first purchase the hardware, set it up and then manage it to continue with the work. Managing hardware is not simple: it is a machine that has to be assembled, controlled, since it heats up easily, and needs regular maintenance. It also takes up space and if you want to mint a lot of coins, you need to find a suitable place to put all the hardware.

With the Cloud Minting Program, minting is just a click away.

Cloud Minting Program

WEWE Global features several programs ranging in cost from $500 to $100,000. There are also $100 and $300 promotional programs available only for certain countries.

You can rent a whole piece of hardware — which costs $5000 — a part of it, or several hardwares. Choose the program and pay it in cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin, Ethereum orWEWE. After the purchase, the system will generate your rental contract and it will be active in 10 days. After that, your hardware will start minting tokens.

Now the minting is set up for your LYOCREDIT (LYO) tokens. For 900 days, you will receive free tokens from your Cloud Minting Program.

LYOCREDIT, why get it?

Today, the Cloud Minting Program is available exclusively for minting LYOCREDIT (LYO) tokens.

LYO is a utility token. Use it to stake, buy and sell products and services, pay transaction fees with a discounted rate on trading, and for e-commerce, crowdfunding, card payments and much more. Its total supply is 250 million units.

This means that the LYOs you receive from minting will then be possible to stake when the staking service is active. LYO also has a buyback-and-burn strategy, shown on its website, to support long-term value growth and price stability of the token once it is listed for trading. It looks like a token with great potential for growth ahead of it!

If you like it, share it

You can buy and share the Cloud Minting Program with other people also. WEWE Global has a referral marketing system where those who promote the products and bring in new customers to the platform receive rewards. This referral marketing system provides a career plan to those who want to become digital entrepreneurs and promote different products that support the use of cryptocurrencies. For those who do not have such a career plan, they can still use the services available and start sharing them with their friends in order to get rewards, practically recovering the cost of the purchase of their Cloud Minting Program!

WEWE Global has an energetic community of people, customers and promoters happy with the services on offer.

Be sure to check out the project on social media and see for yourself the growth of the project, which is growing exponentially with the arrival of the Cloud Minting Program.

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