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A SingularityNET derivative intends to exploit blockchain and artificial intelligence to crowdsource longevity and improved health.

Several people instantly link artificial intelligence (AI) to tools to create an art project or write a term paper. Additionally, the technology is being leveraged to extend the limits of health and longevity. Rejuve, a Saint Lucia-founded firm, is an example of companies using artificial intelligence to develop improved health outcomes.

Decentralized Technology and AI Delivering Healthier Lives

Rejuve was unveiled in 2018 by Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET’s chief executive officer and founder. It is a biotechnology firm that seeks to utilize decentralized technology and AI to enable people to live healthier lives.

Jasmine Smith, Rejuve’s chief executive officer, told a media outlet that this technology enables them to process information at quicker rates and in more complex combinations instead of people reading several papers. The tailored medicine theme somewhat proliferates more through artificial intelligence. This is because it can evaluate information and improve clinical provider decision-making.

AI Trading

With medical and technological advancement, the average individual’s lifespan has increased. Data from Macrotrends, a data research company, shows that in the U.S., the average life expectancy is currently 79 years, representing a 0.08% increase from last year. However, living longer does not mean people are living better lives.

Average Life Expectancy Rise Amid More Bedridden Cases 

Smith said that despite a global increase in the average life expectancies, the rates of chronic ailments have also been rising. As such, people are likely to live longer and become sicker. She also said that more individuals are living to 90 years but becoming bedridden in their last months or years.

Most people’s goal is to live long and full lives. However, longevity technology tends to benefit the wealthy. This entails persons who can afford drugs, tests, special foods, and medical interventions that reverse aging. ‘Biohacking clubs’ are emerging globally to address the elites’ needs.

Rejuve seeks to use the lately unveiled Rejuve Longevity application to democratize longevity. Additionally, it intends to use its associated nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and digital asset tokens. Smith said that those who sign up to utilize the application get tokens in exchange for information offered and updating their profile.

Smith said that part of what they are doing with the application is the ability to gather information from people globally instead of particular populations. Merging it in ways that benefit people and identifying what mainly influences aging can aid in flattening the sickness curve. Further, Smith claimed that the Rejuve application seeks to simplify intricate concepts such as aging into simpler terms that are easier to comprehend.

In his continued pursuit of the fountain of youth, Bryan Johnson, a wealthy biohacker, claimed that ceasing ‘self-destructive behavior’ is a critical component of living longer. In an interview, he said people have all the versions inside them when they carry out self-damaging behavior. In most cases, some significant gains can be made if people cease some of the more self-damaging behaviors.

Dr. David ‘Agingdoc’ Barzilai, a famous longevity personality, is among the rest of those advocating for improved living. In November, he disclosed his identity following a pseudonymous social media presence.

Microsoft Executive Hails OpenAI’s ChatGPT for Aiding Medicine and Healthcare

Barzilai said that people want to have the best life. It would be wonderful if people lived as long as they desired or as long as possible and spent time with their loved ones. However, they wish to remain healthy and feel great while they are around.

In October, Peter Lee, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Research and Incubations, praised OpenAI’s ChatGPT for aiding his family in comprehending the intricate medical language during his elderly father’s care.

Lee claimed that some of what was the fuel and the fire resulted in their lack of comprehension of lab reports and tests. He also said it was empowering to ask ChatGPT the three most critical queries that one must ask when speaking to the physician. 

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