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T3rn, the Polkadot hosted cross-chain smart contract protocol, has finally launched its testnet on the Rococo platform. Rococo is the primary testing ecosystem for Polkadot’s blockchain.

The testnet will allow developers and applications developed on the platform to be compatible with Polkadot’s parachain networks. The latest development will signal the beginning of the full launch of the mainnet on innovative contract platforms.

T3rn must fully support Polkadot, a diverse network with multiple protocols. The new activity on the Rococo parachain is the start of a new direction for Polkadot. Deploying the smart contract chain on Rococo is a milestone for Polkadot as it signifies the final testing.

The founder of T3rn, Maciej Baj, revealed that the recent testing is the last of its kind for T3rn. It is a mainnet with enormous economic value for the protocol, hence its importance.

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What is T3rn?

T3rn was created in 2021 as a unique platform designed to facilitate on-chain transactions and the transfer of assets. The platform makes a compatible model that allows other similar platforms to achieve smart contract interaction.

With the Rococo deployment, users can use T3rn to test run the smooth functionality of the platform’s feature. Additionally, the Polkadot ecosystem is a high-performing cross-chain environment for smart contract protocols.

T3rn is built to direct its capability on the cross-chain transaction execution alongside the t0rn. The t0rn is the testnet that provides developers with more accessibility to Polkadots’ endless smart contract features. However, it does not operate independently.

This will provide developers and users with the means to test out the transaction processing time. Meanwhile, both the blockchain and cross-chain transactions can also be tested out by users.

The transaction execution will end in all the involved blockchains or roll back the transactions. Cases like this are common, especially when cross-chain transactions interact with other networks.

In this case, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) transaction can impact the Proof-of-Work (PoW) transactions. Therefore, any on-chain reorganization can result in the transaction being discarded.

If the latest Rococo testnet is successful, the above scenario can be avoided using the atomic cross-chain transaction model. It is worth noting that the transactions can either succeed or fail on the networks involved.

How T3rn  Works

The protocol relies on its execution environment to send and receive smart contract signals to other parachains. Additionally, it is to ensure that transactions are fail-safe. That is, they can succeed or roll back to the original protocol.

The “Circuit” on T3rn is the transaction ecosystem that will improve efficiency on the platform upon optimization. The verification process will be fast-tracked when integrated into Polkadot’s final gadget, GRANDPA.

GRANDPA is the multi-dimensional transaction execution verifier that speeds up the computational process on the platform. As a result, the Circuit will transmit the instruction to the cross-chain execution zone.

This process is akin to the Optimistic rollup on the Ethereum network, where the executors are the last to finalize the transaction.

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