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Plus500 logoFrom the time of the invention of the internet, a lot of trading companies have moved to online trading channels. It’s made things a lot simpler than they were before. With just one click and a few seconds, investors now exchange bids, establish marketplace limits, set their objectives, evaluate their progress, and keep watch on current marketing trends. Today, there are many online trading channels to choose from, and deciding which one is best for you may be a cumbersome and stressful task. Since 2008, Plus500 has been a prominent CFDs platform, providing trading of cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, indices, and ETFs. This review will go through the unique features of the broker in great depth.

What exactly is Plus500?

The broker is run by a company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with its base in London. With a huge number of investors and about a thousand products, the company provides CFD services throughout Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it is regulated in all areas where it operates. Its customer support is available in over thirty languages, enabling investors from more than fifty countries to trade confidently and seek help when required.

Plus500 trading platform provides a wide variety of stocks to trade and a top-notch user environment on mobile and desktop trading platforms for customers from all over the globe. Plus500 was established in Israel in 2008 and currently has operations in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries. Plus500 is, in fact, a prominent CFD provider that has built a solid basis for its professional trading settings and future expansion.

Plus500 is a licensed financial CFD provider, and the official figure reflects the accurate scale of the business; as we discovered in our Plus500 Review, the company serves over three hundred thousand active customers. Because of the standards and valuable features, making money with Plus500 has become a straightforward procedure. Trading might not always be easy, but it has become so due to Plus500. All components have been incorporated into the platform together with the benefit of the users in mind. This trading firm has not been linked to any fraud or other problem. As a result, you may completely trust it and put your trust in it.

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Plus500 website

Plus500 Platform

There are many factors that would make you use this broker as your primary trading platform. Let us look at some essential advantages that this site offers to every trader. The website gives users access to various indexes, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies all in one place. Plus500 introduces new assets regularly, endearing them to traders with a variety of trading styles and strategies. Plus500 investors would have access to approximately two thousand assets.

Plus500 offers information about data in the trading market using official Dow Jones data. Furthermore, such information may be quickly sorted by the areas and publications that are most important to your investing objectives. As a result, you would not have to spend time on news which you don’t need.

For both novice and experienced traders, the broker platform is a fantastic location to trade. It features a simple layout that exudes comfort and convenience. Plus500’s flagship technique includes two key technologies: GLSO and trailing stops. For amateur operators, these equipment are beneficial portfolio and risk management tools.

Plus500 offers a free trial account that allows customers to practice trading without risking any money. It’s a fantastic chance for novice traders who wish to understand the fundamentals of trading. You will become skilled in trading successfully without making losses. Only a few licensed brokers provide this service, and this broker is certainly one of the few.

Plus500 may be accessible via a web browser, allowing you to trade assets from any medium. It has no limitations in terms of device type since it may be accessed from any device. For the people who wish to make use of it on Android devices, the application is also accessible on the platforms listed. Plus500 gives its customers the flexibility to trade whenever and wherever they choose. Traders that need help with this broker or have some questions or issues may contact customer support through live chat or via email in their chosen language.

Plus500 trading platform

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The capacity of Plus500 to offer a wide variety of instruments is the first aspect I will discuss. There were different options for different trade assets as trading shifted from terrestrial to digital media. However, since it was difficult for some investors to investigate many platforms for different commodities, numerous businesses claiming to offer various assets eventually became operational. This broker is one of them, with a comprehensive range of investment options on its official website.

Cryptocurrency has grown into a rewarding and attractive trading tool for millions of investors across the globe. Consumers are beginning to see cryptocurrencies as assets, similar to conventional trade products, and making their portfolios extensive to include significant digital assets. Ethereum and Bitcoin are two popular cryptocurrencies that have gained traction among investors. Bitcoin has been included in the investment portfolios of many of the world’s most prominent technology companies. Ethereum has been lucky in capturing the top spot in the world of digital currencies. The market value of the silver coin has exceeded expectations after institutional investors expressed interest. You can discover the most significant cryptocurrencies on this page, and you may buy the ones that have piqued your interest.

If you wish to buy or sell a company’s stock, you need to get the most current information on market conditions and related happenings. With the knowledge provided, you already have a higher chance of succeeding than others who don’t, which will result in profit. Additionally, you will have access to a diverse range of equities, including those from prestigious businesses and sectors such as Amazon and Tesla. The next item on the list, after cryptocurrency and stocks, is forex. The currency market is enormous when considering goods, market capitalization, and investment volumes. According to a rough estimate, traders invest a huge amount in forex pairings. These currencies comprise currencies from nations where the value of their currency fluctuates a lot and highly rated fiats. You get a lot more money as the currency’s value rises.

Choosing a particular product is a difficult job. The trading platform’s supervisory staff, on the other hand, watches after users’ needs and helps them in choosing the most acceptable commodities based on current market trends. You may find all kinds of commodities on plus500’s website. After creating an account with it, you can gain access to wide varieties of goods. Indices refer to a collection of stocks and assets used to monitor the development or advancement of a company or industry. This technology allows us to look at how a particular market segment operates to understand business possibilities and pricing volatility better. Because it offers more excellent coverage when compared with trading on one particular stock, investing in indices may be a smart way to diversify a portfolio.

Options are contracts that the seller gives the buyer the right, and not the obligation, to buy or sell a trade asset. There are several benefits to trading this type of product. Options CFDs provide a more significant margin when compared with other assets, allowing you to enhance your market exposure. There are no commissions on the broker’s options CFDs, and the difference between the starting and closing costs compensates for them. On the platform, risk management tools are also accessible to assist you in minimizing the chance of trading losses throughout your trading experience.

Quick Trading

You will need a fast trading platform with rapid trade execution if you plan to earn a huge amount of money trading digital currency. Because the industry is constantly changing, a very fast, competent, and efficient platform is required. When it comes to today’s trading technology and advances, the Versatile Trading Platform Plus500 is one of the best options available on the market. With its cutting-edge features and sophisticated trading platform, Plus500 has piqued traders’ attention all over the globe. Consequently, it’s no surprise that it’s known as a full trading brokerage since it has all of the characteristics that a broker should possess.

Plus500 provides fast trading, that means the bids you make will be completed in a fraction of the time it would take with other platforms. You may make numerous bids since there are no investment limits. This may make it the best choice for market traders looking for a trading company with a quick turnaround time. Beginners and professionals alike may profit from the fast trading service. Their technology records the company’s income in actual time, enabling traders to place orders in actual time and improve their odds of success. Trading expenses are also kept to a bare minimum, assuaging the worries of specific traders who might be worried about the trading costs.

People may trust this business without fear of losing money or having their personal information released. The broker is a popular company in terms of security and privacy. Everything is explained in detail so that consumers are not confused or enticed to invest in the market.

It is run by a group of highly trained primary leaders with extensive experience in the trade sector. They now want to help new and novice traders figure out what they want to do with their lives. Trading has a promising future since everything is moving online, and it will be a prominent sector in about five or ten years. This broker, like several more excellent brokers, helps traders fine-tune their skills and methods to increase their earnings.

Thanks to a functional interface covering advanced capabilities, Plus500 can build an aesthetically pleasing investment portfolio supplemented with the no-commission system. Clients will like having access to foreign currency trading and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other products on the platform. A demo account which does not expire and could be utilized alongside the actual trading panel allows users to put their strategies to the test.


Plus500 looks after its clients and puts a lot of effort into ensuring that they are comfortable. The business provides several tools to assist users. The calendar is a list of significant events and occurrences that will occur in sometime to come. Knowing about these occurrences simplifies things for traders since they may reveal a lot about the costs and modes of instruments. News and insights are also available under the Tools list. Traders and investors may use insights and current affairs to do fundamental research, which aids technical analysis. Traders may reduce the danger of trading losses by using Plus500’s risk management feature.

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Top-notch Customer Service

When talking about the internet marketplace, having a quick-to-respond customer care staff is essential. Active customer service has become the only option since offices or basic facilities where customers may have their problems addressed are not available. Because customer service is a company’s sole contact with its customers, one should avoid investing in a trading business that would not offer adequate customer service. When a trader experiences problems with the platform and the corporation’s support staff fails to respond, the trader could end up in grave danger and risk losing all the money he worked for.

Therefore, a broker should place a premium on client service by building a capable and responsible team. Customer service can address any issues or difficulties users may experience while making use of the website. The services offer solutions to majority of traders’ problems, and they respond quickly. That is precisely how the broker’s team works. They are available to assist you anytime you need assistance. They will always have your back.

You will find an email address on their website through which you can report all issues, but be sure to provide all relevant details to prevent any misunderstandings. There’s also a commonly asked questions area with answers. For example, this section will inform you which account option is most suitable for you. They will also show you how to create an account. Significant problems for clients are also addressed there. If you have a query that isn’t addressed in this article, you may contact them through their help email address.

Customers may contact customer care at any period during the day or week through live chat or email, which is handy considering that many brokers offer assistance for five days in a week. Customer support is offered in a variety of languages, and the website is available in thirty-two languages. As a result, Plus500 can assist you regardless of the language you can communicate with or comprehend.

Regulation and Security

In recent years, the preservation of privacy in our global village is now a scary possibility. Investors may lose a lot of money because of a breach of data, which will significantly affect their lives. Your private information will be endangered, and all the money you have accrued will be destroyed if you pick the incorrect trading platform. Only a few platforms, like Plus500, would not jeopardize customers’ privacy. Rather, they make considerable efforts to safeguard the privacy of their customers.

In the typical savings accounts, users’ profits are entirely isolated from Plus500’s operating money. Additionally, 2FA may be used to keep credentials secure. The federal government has also approved Plus500 in the areas where it works. Credit card transactions are secured by SSL technology, which keeps everything safe and secure.

Multiple levels of security have been put onto the website to guarantee that no foreign hacking entity can get access. Encryption technology protects users’ personal information from prying eyes, enhancing their security. Even employees are ignorant of the realities, guaranteeing that no one will ever falsify a client’s financial details to withdraw funds from their accounts unlawfully.

Plus500 is authorised and licensed to perform according to the appropriate regulatory authorities where relevant. Other prestigious authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, also regulate the broker. Plus500 is regarded as safe due to its eligibility to provide Contracts for Difference trading and various underlying products while adhering to the tightest regulations. That is to say, the trading experience and results provided by Plus500 are entirely legal and regulated by internationally recognized and renowned regulatory organizations.

Finally, registering with a globally recognized jurisdiction gives you a state business continuously monitored and created under strict guidelines, ensuring its long-term viability. We constantly advocate for regulation because the trading industry is full of enticing trading brokers that are only formed via offshore, poorly regulated companies and who will never be able to provide you with a safe trading environment due to a lack of regulations. Plus500 is a name used as a regulated CFD platform by Plus500 Limited, a company approved by the financial authorities. The Cyprus Securities, United Kingdom authorities, Australian Securities, Investment Commission, and Exchange Commission are among them.


  • Founded in Israel and renowned for its cutting-edge technologies.
  • The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Financial Conduct Authority, CFD provider offering some of the finest CFDs on offer, including Indices Commodities on the Forex.
  • Numerous accolades
  • Fees are low.
  • It is listed on the London Stock Exchange with ASIC, CySEC, and the FCA as licensees.
  • Negative balance protection is available for accounts.


  • Only CFD products are available
  • Research tools are limited.

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The services mentioned earlier show that trading may make you rich by buying and selling various tools. The platform offers a friendly user interface and cheap commission charges. Plus500 is secure, dependable, adaptable and continuously puts in top-notch technology into its creative processes. This seeks to provide a smooth and enhanced trading experience for all of its investors. With all of its excellent features, this broker has the potential to become one of your preferred trading destinations.

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