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Perplexity AI chief executive Aravind Srinivas is eyeing a new perspective on generative AI by creating a trustworthy answer engine. The tech expert indicated that developers globally are pitching new AI chatbots every day, aiming to capitalize on the sensation inspired by the ChatGPT launch.  

The Perplexity chief argued that chatbots are passé and the world shows no interest in closing the OpenAI’s flagship model.  

Srinivas iterated that the Perplexity AI seeks clear communication with the end users and does not sell you an alternative chatbot to the ChatGPT. Instead, the team aims to help the users realize answers to the questions.

Perplexity AI Captures Source References

The executive indicated that the answer engine label arises from the core differentiator carried by the Perplexity AI. As such, it utilizes a unique design that offers comprehensive answers that feature links and citations to the sourced information. 

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Srinivas hailed his academic background in facilitating the shape of the Perplexity design. He indicated that academia space mandates citing statements in scholarly papers to ensure their credibility. 

Srinivas admitted to entrenching citations of sources in designing the Perplexity AI. He considers it critical for the product to remain grounded in the facts and not hallucinate in his creations. 

The process of delivering enhanced AI-powered search experiences featured a series B funding round that raised $74 million. The round concluded on Thursday and tapped the leadership of venture capital firm IVP. 

Srinivas hailed the input of various investors, indicating that the funds will facilitate scale Perplexity. Doing so is paramount, given the steady increase in users since its unveiling two years ago. 

Srinivas confessed that the world portrayed super excitement about the ChatGPT. Nonetheless, he ruled out the need to imitate a chatbot that could not be the best user-oriented interface for the search. 

Participants in Perplexity AI Series B Funding

Although Perplexity design seeks to provide follow-up answers to inquiries, Srinivas indicated that the firm eyes enhancing AI to levels eradicating the subsequent questions. Doing so would involve transforming Perplexity AI into a product demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the user’s intent from the initial response. 

Perplexity AI traces to August 2022 by developers and engineers who previously worked in Databrick, Quora, Meta, and OpenAI. The team tapped Srinivas’s leadership, assisted by Andy Konwinski, Denis Yarats, and Johnny Ho. 

Other participants in the funding round included Nat Friedman, Austen Allred, NEA, Databricks, Tobi Lutke, Gullermo Rauch, and Elad Gil. The round saw NVIDIA play a critical contribution besides Bessemer Venture Partners, Kindred Ventures, Factorial Funds, Naval Ravikant, Bezos Expeditions Fund, and Balaji Srinivasan. 

Srinivas indicated that Perplexity distinguishes itself from the present race, where entities are rushing to develop AI models that become all things to all individuals. He suggests that Perplexity portrays the model as agnostic and embraces the model that best suits users’ desires. 

Srinivas ruled out the model ownership mentality instead of hailing the task-specific best-fit approach. The goal is to develop the optimal model suiting the specific product rather than attempting to accommodate all scenarios. 

The model-agnostic approach enables the Srinivas-led firm to tap the most effective model. 

Generative AI Utility Tool

Srinivas considers the model-agnostic ideal to avoid actual ties to the model providers. He observed that the proliferation of generative AI tools following the ChatGPT launch saw many liken the tech development to the nuclear arms race. Such similarity is tied to the fear of AI causing a disruptive outcome for the livelihood. 

The warning served by xAI and Tesla Inc. chief executive Elon Musk predicted AI would deliver total annihilation powered by artificial intelligence. He indicated that AI could power something smarter than humans, who are capable of executing everything. 

Srinivas illustrated optimism regarding the future AI technology despite the doomsaying directed toward generative AI. He emphasized the unique perspective where generative AI is regarded as a utility tool, not replacing humans. 

Srinivas indicates that Perplexity should become the toaster in one’s house for use without questioning its existence. However, AI should not mirror the AI Samantha in the 2013 film ‘Her.’

Srinivas emphasizes the need for AI to avoid becoming judgemental and instead always offer responses that lower the barriers to learning new subjects. Also, it should avoid becoming the AI girlfriend and companion. He indicated that Perplexity will retain its vision of becoming the most accurate answer engine. 

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