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Worldwide Webb announced receiving $10m in a Series A round. The creator of the art-based metaverse game revealed that Pantera Capital was the sole source of the funds.

The pixel-oriented game permits the participation of players provided they utilize NFTs collections avatars.

Pantera Capital Optimistic of Metaverse-based Game Integrating NFTs

Worldwide Webb indicated receiving funds from the crypto-focused investment specialist Pantera Capital would facilitate hiring and harmonizing the integration of additional non-fungible token (NFT) collections into the metaverse-based game. Its accomplishment is critical to forming brand partnerships and compatible intellectual property holders.

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The lead investment associate at Pantera Capital, Sehaj Singh, described Worldwide Webb as bridging the conventional gaming and NFT communities.

Expanding Portfolio of Browser-based Mini-Games

The process is accomplished through its ever-expanding portfolio of browser-based mini-games. It obliges every player to utilize a unique NFT-based identity. Paternal head of investment Sehaj Singh disclosed that including rapid iterations during game development yields fun and involves mini-games. He added that the Worldwide Webb platform offers a subsequent channel for NFT communities to advance their engagement and community building.

Worldwide Webb began operations in 2020 to offer a massive multi-player featuring an interoperable roleplaying game (MMORPG). The game requires players to present their NFTs irrespective of the blockchain. The NFTs become the avatars the player deploys in battles and executing raids.

Browser-Oriented Games Pitting Players

Worldwide, Webb is set to introduce browser-oriented games pitting players against themselves. The game, identified as Blockbusterz, is set to reward winners of majority battles access to upscale levels of minting NFTs. Also, the gaming firm promised to introduce additional brands within the ecosystem.

Worldwide Webb chief executive Thomas Webb announced ongoing development to integrate intellectual property into their game. The development replicates physical land, allowing users to build spaces where players can link their NFTs holding with newly issued or collected NFTs within the Webb ecosystem.

Webb Prioritizing Long-term Relationships to Use NFTs as Avatars

Webb lauded the input of Pantera as cementing its objective of initiating long-term relationships. He added that the presence of additional brands and IP integration would rationalize the integration of NFTs as avatars.

The firm’s executive demonstrated that introducing IP into the Webb ecosystem would transform the in-game features that players can leverage to derive meaningful experiences. IP made in-game features possible, including boss fights, quests, and itemized challenges.

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