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The well-known web browser with pro-crypto facilities – Opera – has disclosed that the built-in wallet thereof is ready to incorporate support for $SOL (Solana) in the coming year’s early phase making it supportive for the promising ecosystem in advance of Brave – a competitor thereof. As per CoinDesk, it has been stated by Opera that the platform will be categorized as the earliest browser with having support for the decentralized applications that run on Solana. Presently, the consumers can have access to the respective applications via Phantom, a closed-source plugin for the browser.

As per the business blog thereof, Opera has more than 380M active customers on monthly basis throughout the ecosystem, including several of the news-focused applications as well as the browsers. At this time, the built-in crypto wallet of Opera has support for the ecosystems named Ethereum and TRON. The openly-traded Norwegian firm has included 30-second top-ups related to the crypto wallets in many regions, and it is prepared to operate on the integration of the network of Solana with its wallet by having Solana Labs as its partner.

The respective step has been taken following growth in the DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem of Solana along with the new all-time high position reached by the transaction charges of Ethereum. As per a report, Solana blockchain’s decentralized finance-related operations have consistently grown during the recent month, nonetheless at a low speed in comparison with October. In October, its growth rate was 35% whereas in September it was 177%. The report elaborates that in November, the charges on the network of Ethereum continuously rose and achieved another all-time high on monthly basis at $1.82B – a number representing a growth of nearly 34.6% after October.

As previously reported, that the consumers are staking up to 77% of the $SOL tokens of Solana on the network of crypto to earn the profit, to such an extent that the network’s staked value reached above $84B, as per the data provided by Staking Rewards. As per CryptoCompare, the on-chain staking is available for cryptocurrencies through utilizing a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) mechanism. Usually, PoS networks are known to be additionally energy-effective as compared to PoW networks with keeping a certain level of decentralization. Solana is considered to be a blockchain of high performance having its foundation laid on the behalf of former engineers from Dropbox, Intel, and Qualcomm.

AI Trading

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