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OpenAI decries the continued abuse of web-browsing features, forcing it to turn off. The artificial intelligence firm led by Sam Altman admitted the difficulty of having good things.

Abuse Compels Discontinuation of Browse with Bing Feature

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has discontinued its ‘Browse with Bing’ web-browsing feature. A Monday post by the organization revealed that ChatGPT Browse beta’s occasional display of content in ways they do not desire is the major reason behind the discontinuation. OpenAI highlighted examples that involved a ChatGPT Plus subscriber requesting the chatbot for a URL’s full text. Afterward, ChatGPT’s response would entail providing a complete text that avoided paywalls and privacy settings.

The organization has discovered that ChatGPT’s ‘Browse’ beta occasionally displays information in undesirable ways. For instance, if a user explicitly requests a URL’s full text, the request might be fulfilled unintentionally. As such, it has become critical to disable Browse to fix the issue.

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ChatGPT subscribers can access features that free users cannot. Examples include Browse with Bing, the more robust GPT-4, and the GPT-4 Plugin Store. OpenAI revealed that as of July 3, 2023, it had deactivated the Browse with Bing beta feature due to the need for extra caution while rectifying the issue. This would guarantee to do right by consent owners.

Deactivation of Browse with Bing Compels Uptake of GPT-4 Plugins

Microsoft has invested more than $13 billion in OpenAI. In February, it included ChatGPT in its Bing Browser. OpenAI introduced GPT-4 in March, and the chatbot included the capability to browse in May. Despite the decision to disable Browse with Bing by OpenAI, users can request the chatbot to read URLs and PDFs using various GPT-4 plugins, for instance, ScholarAI, Link Reader, Woldfram Alpha, and Social Search. Besides they can also ask questions concerning the information on the provided link.

During an OpenAI forum, a ChatGPT Plus user revealed that there is a possibility of OpenAI working against ChatGPT Plus’s paid users. They asked whether the removal of Browsing was linked to its ability to read a site’s content that a user requests for. Further, he added that this was the reason behind paying for ChatGPT Plus.  

OpenAI failed to offer a schedule indicating the return of Browse with Bing. However, the organization claimed it works as fast as possible to restore the feature. A tweet revealed that it appreciated ChatGPT plus subscribers who have played a crucial role in testing the browsing feature. This is the reason for starting with a beta, which has resulted in acquiring very important feedback.

OpenAI is noncommittal on whether it would restore the Browse with Bing feature in future.

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