OpenAI-Supported 1X Launching Humanoid Robot to Work in People’s Homes
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The robotics firm generated $100M to develop NEO, which outperforms other bipedal robots designed to execute domestic tasks.

Tesla should be on the lookout since 1X, a robotics startup, has unveiled NEO, its most recent humanoid robot. It is designed to execute household activities independently by leveraging its capability to use artificial intelligence (AI) to walk on two legs and speak.

Features of NEO Robot

1X is the most recent player to attempt bringing robots into the home, speculating on their seemingly realistic appearance and the capability to hold objects,  comprehend spoken commands, and execute tasks that only people could earlier complete.

It announced that making this sci-fi vision a reality involved securing $100M in Series B funding. EQT Ventures managed the latest cash inflow and is critical for the next growth stage, which will entail 1X acquiring a leading role in the growing sphere of domestic robots.

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In an official statement, Bernt Øivind Børnich, 1X’s chief executive officer, said they are happy that significant investors are backing their mission of securely deploying Android with Smart Behavior into new markets.

He also said their next turning point would entail scaling their data-gathering tactic for Embodied AI and providing NEO to clients.

NEO is 1X’s most recent robots lineup. An earlier report by a media outlet revealed that this generation is an advancement over EVE, the firm’s earlier model.

1X Leverages AI to Improve Efficiency

Through the support of prominent international investors, the firm anticipates having the ability to unveil NEO to the market. NEO is the 2nd generation bipedal android created for consumer utilization.

Customed for assistance at home, NEO shifts robotics technology from logistics and industrial functions to a critical role in the domestic realm.

1X’s dedication to harnessing AI’s and robotics’ potential to meet international labour demands guides its journey. The blending of robotics and artificial intelligence attracted OpenAI’s attention. Initially, it had led a $23.5M investment roundup to aid in unveiling the startup. The prospects linked to NEO are significant.

1X Reveals Next Move

An official from EQT Ventures Ted Persson confirmed  that 1X with the NEO androids will be vital in the revolutionary stages towards the initial forays of its human and technological future. EVE, the firm’s previous model, was integrated across the U.S. and Europe and showed excellent versatility.

This ranged from keeping watch as security guards to possibly serving in healthcare. EVE’s design entails independently moving arms and a humanoid head. These features permit it to execute activities previously executed by humans only.

Neo is the most recent inclusion to 1X’s lineup and is developed on this foundation. In this case, it’s bipedal imitates human movement, enhancing its ability to interact and traverse within a home environment efficiently.

Incorporating advanced artificial intelligence permits NEO to adapt and learn from its environment, gradually improving its capability to implement intricate domestic activities.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Competes

1X’s considerable fundraising means it is at a similar level with the field’s major players. Under Elon Musk’s guidance, Tesla is also creating ‘Optimus,’ its line of humanoid robots.

The latest Optimus showcases have illustrated its improved features, including enhanced hand movements and a slimmer figure. This indicates Tesla’s dedication to shaking up the robotics sector.

Fans cannot forget about Boston Dynamics, which has gained fame by displaying its robots with improved intelligence and mobility. The robots are developed for demanding environments ranging from industrial plants to delivery centres, demonstrating the diverse potential of robotics technology.

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