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The California-based Nvidia Corporation confirmed unveiling a new GPU customized for the Chinese market. The American multinational confirmed the release, though not a top performer in compliance with the newly announced trade restrictions by the US. 

Nvidia exhibited a strategic market maneuver to unveil the RTX 4090D as a slight version of the RTX 4090 GPU. Unlike the high performance in the initial version, RTX 4090D is slower, though sufficient to run gaming. 

Nvidia Complies with US Sanctions, Unveils Less Powerful GPU

The move by the Jensen Huang-led tech company aligns with the Trade directives by the US government owing to the escalating geopolitical tensions. The restrictions constitute efforts by the US government to hurt rivals’ tech market by denying it access to advanced exports from American providers.  

Nvidia targets compliance with the US government’s directive, though avoiding losing the China market it labels as critical. The firm, steered by the electrical engineer, affirmed its compliance with the new regulations desired to tame Chinese efforts towards dominance in artificial intelligence technology. 

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Geopolitical tensions are not slowing Nvidia’s course as it released the RTX 4090D GPU. However, it reduces the CUDA processing cores from 16,384 utilized in standard RTX 4090 to 14,952. 

The newly released RTX 4090D misses the 450W power draw as Nvidia capped it at 425W. The reduction lowers the 4090D power by 5%. The reduction sustains the 4,8000 trillion operations per second (TOPS) speed as restricted by the US. The US imposed limits on what American hardware should achieve for sale in China. 

Nvidia indicated that the new GPUs cannot support overclocking, hence extinguishing the means to tweak them for additional power. The tech company explained the move as inevitable, given October’s inclusion of the flagship RTX 4090 GPU alongside the banned exports.

Nvidia Engaging US Government in Product Development

Nvidia reiterated that it is progressively engaging the US government in developing its product. The company’s spokesperson hailed the GeForce RTX 4090D as designed in compliance with the export controls.

Nvidia noted that the US has embraced an increasingly strict stance to ban exports to China classified as advanced AI accelerators and high-performance chips. US Commerce Secretary Gian Raimondo directed chipmakers to resist attempts to work around the sanctions. 

Raimondo disclosed in his address during the Reagan National Defense Forum that redesigning the chips around the cut line to facilitate China’s AI will evoke immediate sanctions.

The warning appeared directed towards Nvidia’s efforts to develop compliant chips following the ban imposed on its existing products. 

The reference is drawn from Nvidia’s move to launch the A800 targeting China following the August prohibition of exporting its A100 and H100 AI accelerators. The A800 is identical though, though it offers reduced interconnect bandwidth. 

Prioritize National Security Despite Short-term Revenue Loss

Raimondo calmed the chip companies chiefs for losing revenue. The Commerce Secretary urged them to prioritize safeguarding national security even when such mandates sacrifice short-term income. 

Launching RTX 4090D portrays the latest attempt by Nvidia to comply with the sanctions while also serving its Chinese customers, one of its major markets. The reduced tensor cores and power consumption portray 4090D’s careful crafting to avoid contravening the red lines imposed against supporting China’s quest for advanced AI development. When configured accordingly, the chip is powerful enough for games’ desired use and training AI. 

Chinese enterprises appear proactively prepared to confront the US-imposed sanctions. Tech giants led by Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, and Baidu confirmed snapping Nvidia hardware worth $5 billion. Smaller businesses also completed similar acquisitions on time before Raimondo’s actions.

The warnings conveyed by Secretary Raimondo show that Washington will monitor and restrict Nvidia products capable of facilitating AI acceleration. 

Nvidia observed that despite confronting a delicate space in the contest between the two superpowers on emerging technology exports, its latest GPU can comfortably run games when maximumly configured. 

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