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The recent few months haven’t been easy within the crypto market, the overall situation is already pretty bad, the unsung volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto assets is drowning the whole crypto market and it doesn’t seem to calm the situation one bit.

It was believed that the market volatility will hit a pause and corrections along with the bear market will subside to give way to the bullish market but nothing of the sort has happened and the crypto market is still dangling with a thread.

There is no bullish market, the overall sentiment of the investors is fear as can be seen on the fear and greed index of the crypto market and things are far away from returning to some sort of balance.

But this latest survey that has come out recently dictates that on the global level people still have their trust embedded in the crypto market and the overall sentiment of the investors across the globe remains firm and unshaken.

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The report took into account about 28000 individuals from23 different countries and the majority of them have more than 68% trust still left in the crypto market with only Canada dipping below 50%.

Investors Around the Globe are Still Interested in Crypto

It seems Canada is to be done with the prospect of investing in the crypto market as the majority of the investors over there showed no potential interest to invest in the crypto market due to the volatility of the market that seems to be reaching at the moment.

Apart from that many countries in the Americas still have a strong interest in the crypto market and their sentiment also remains upbeat despite all the peril that has been caused within the crypto market in terms of volatility and price dips across the board.

To really have a clear-cut idea of just how people are reacting and feeling at the moment, Brazil sits at 77% interest and trust within the crypto market, Chile is at 69%, Mexico at 70%, and so on so.

The US, on the other hand, has also shown a great deal of interest within the crypto market with sentiment going from 61% to 73% and still increasing it seems that there is hope for the crypto market after all.

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