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Microsoft Corp delivered a late Christmas surprise to the fans of generative artificial intelligence fans by releasing a free access mobile application for Android users. In a corporate press release, the Redmond-based tech giant confirmed that the application dubbed Copilot will rival the paid options. 

Microsoft quietly unveiled the autonomous AI chatbot application available in the Android Store. The Copilot application was initially discovered by a Twitter user who disclosed that the Redmond-headquartered tech giant has the newest addition to the burgeoning field. 

Copilot Application Matches ChatGPT Plus Capabilities

Microsoft’s entry into the AI-powered mobile applications is expanding options for users one can access from their palms. The Copilot application marks Microsoft’s latest initiative to tap its partnership with AI leader OpenAI. 

The Copilot application is available in Google’s Play Store. The application delivers superior capabilities by integrating the image generation and language capabilities in GPT-4 and DALL-E3 alongside the image analysing features in GPT Vision. 

AI Trading

The newly released Copilot AI offers a comparable advance in text replies as the ChatGPT Plus. Besides, it provides equally impressive images that match the creation by OpenAI’s paid services.

The Copilot application portrays an evolution from the standalone Bing search as it accommodates multiple AI-enhanced tasks. As such, the new application can accommodate complex questions, draft documents, and generate visuals.  

Copilot constitutes the brand that Microsoft is leveraging to host its portfolio of AI-powered services. As such, the coding assistance alongside the AI-powered web search, deprecated virtual assistant Cortana, and chatbot will run under the Copilot as a single product.

The unveiling of the Copilot application for Android users is striking, given that users can utilise the advanced AI-powered features for free. Its offer contrasts with the subscription-based version of the ChatGPT Plus. 

The approach portrays a strategic pivot within the competitive landscape that will ultimately reposition Microsoft’s offering as the ideal alternative. Its unveiling will challenge the accessible and integrated assistants available, including Google Assistant, Siri and Biby from Samsung.  

The awareness that Copilot is powered by the GPT-4 constitutes the latest entrant superior in response and understanding capabilities. As such, its availability will benefit those desirous of assessing the newly released AI model without incurring a huge subscription fee.  

Microsoft Speculated to Unveil Copilot iOS Version

Although the Copilot application version now exclusively caters to Android users, it is prudent to consider that Microsoft is mulling the introduction of the iOS version. 

Tech analysts are still determining the imminent arrival of a Copilot application compatible with Apple’s iOS system. The analysts consider that Apple’s operating system commands a significant stake in the market. Therefore, it is prudent for Microsoft to unveil the Copilot version for the Apple Store. 

Unveiling an iOS-based Copilot constitutes a strategic initiative to realise the broadest possible user base. The approach mirrors the OpenAI strategy of first making the initial ChatGPT application available on iOS and later releasing the Android-compatible app. 

Efforts to contact Microsoft for details regarding the application and when it planned the iOS release. The tech company failed to respond to the media relations office using an automated email stating that the executive was on a wellness break. 

Microsoft’s Copilot Heightens Rivalry for Virtual Assistants 

The unveiling of the Copilot AI application is set to challenge the traditional virtual assistants. Similarly, the industry needs rapid diversification in offerings towards more advanced and user-centric solutions. 

The virtual assistants face competition from Replika and Poe Chatbots, rivalled by general assistants such as Copilot and ChatGPT.

Besides Microsoft’s move to release a standalone Copilot application, other existing applications have recently undergone a raft of changes. The developers are integrating AI to advance Duolingo, Deepl, Facetune and Grammarly capabilities. 

The applications are tapping the generative AI power to realise improved user experience. This makes it possible to offer an improved advice blend with enhanced edits, translations, and outputs across various modes.

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