Mass Co-founder Claims Decentralized AI Critical to Unbiased AI Algorithm
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Google’s Gemini AI generated historically biased results and incorrect imagery, evoking outrage. Decentralized artificial intelligence development might aid in the creation of more transparent and unprejudiced findings.

The development of decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) is critical for developing impartial and safer AI algorithms. Centralized artificial intelligence solutions have been getting the biggest share of funding. 

Decentralized AI Vital for Transparent Solutions

Calanthia Mei, Masa Network’s co-founder, revealed that decentralized AI solutions will be vital for developing more unbiased and transparent solutions. She told a media resource that decentralized AI aims to address verifiable faults in artificial intelligence, ensuring safer and more impartial artificial intelligence.

According to the founder, blockchain-founded decentralized artificial intelligence has some benefits. Examples include improved data privacy, more transparent decision-making, and user-owned models that enable individuals to contribute their computing resources or information to acquire token incentives.

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In the past, some famous centralized artificial intelligence models produced considerable imprecision and social media fury. In February, Google pulled its artificial image creator following the generation of historically ‘woke’ and erroneous images. The situation resulted in prevalent concerns regarding the app’s decision-making process. 

Centralized AI Intensifying Pre-existing Power Variances

Decentralized artificial intelligence is going to be critical in solving similar prejudiced output, as noted with Gemini AI, by developing a clearer decision-making process for algorithms. According to Mei, centralized artificial intelligence intensifies pre-existing power disparities, privacy issues, and biases at an extraordinary rate.

The Gemini AI event involved artificial intelligence depicting the United States’ founding fathers as persons of colour, perhaps as an overcorrection to long-established racial bias issues in artificial intelligence. 

Blockchain-founded, decentralized artificial intelligence protocols provide transparency to confirm the AI output’s data source. This is critical for enhancing the algorithms since artificial intelligence is only as effective as the information it is trained on. 

Mei noted that the diversity, representativeness, and quality of information directly impact AI systems’ fairness and performance. Limited or biased information can result in twisted and prejudiced findings, impacting the trustworthiness of artificial intelligence-enhanced decisions.

Masa Network is one of the biggest decentralized artificial intelligence large language models (LLMs) and data protocols seeking to provide more reliable information to artificial intelligence applications. Dune shows that more than 1.58 million unique wallets have offered private information to Masa Network. 

Masa Unveils MASA Token on Mainnet

On April 25, Masa Network introduced the first 13 artificial intelligence developer partners developing its decentralized infrastructure on April 25. The network has pledged MASA tokens worth $100,000 for its decentralized artificial intelligence developer to aid builders in promoting the decentralized AI’s capabilities.

On April 11, the network, as well as its MASA token, was unveiled on the mainnet. The first projects on Masa entail Pond, a graph artificial intelligence model for on-chain trading, CharacterX, a decentralized social network, and RootData, an artificial intelligence-backed Web3 data layer. 

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