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Major Purpose of Ripple’s Expansion into Washington DC

Ripple, the US-based blockchain tech has been racing in the world’s payment industry for sure foothold. In the quest to make its dreams a reality, it has recently announced the expansion to Washington DC, with an assigned office for its global regulatory team.

Purpose of Ripple’s Expansion into Washington DC

This announcement was made in a publication released on Ripple’s official website on 22nd October 2019. However, this development did not accidentally come to play without a needed purpose.

According to the cross-border payment giant, blockchain and digital asset technologies are comparable to the historic impact made by the Internet. From inception, Internet was largely criticized as much as the stern regulatory scrutiny faced with the nascent and fast-growing technologies, blockchain and digital asset.

Ripple pinpointed the potency of blockchain and digital asset technologies in terms of enhancement of global economic growth and the power they possess in engendering greater financial inclusion.

So, Ripple sees this expansion as what the blockchain technology and digital asset need at the moment, pointing that the push for the realization of the absolute potential of these fast-growing technologies by global regulatory bodies needs strategic cooperation of the industry leaders.

Going by Ripple’s update, the points stated above initiated the expansion of its regulatory team to the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC, stating that the strategic expansion is historic, as no blockchain company has ever secured GR office in D.C.

Further Reason to Rejoice

Ripple has got another competent and experienced hands on his desk. As reported, the former Counselor to the Secretary at the US Treasury Department, Craig Phillip, is now part of the team of progress at Ripple.

Craig will be part of Ripple’s Board of Directors. Leveraging on his accumulated experience, he’s expected to provide better insight into Ripple’s policy leadership bench.

To cap it all, the payment giant is now a member of the Blockchain Association and Michelle Bond, in its quest to see to the growth, development, and trustworthiness of blockchain and digital asset technologies.

Brad Galinghouse Reacts to Ripple’s Expansion to Washington DC

Brad Galinghouse, the CEO at Ripple had all reasons to rejoice to the recent development moments ago. The fact that the company’s move will be a win-win for both Ripple and the entire Blockchain industry is enough reason to be excited.

In one of his recent tweets, Galinghouse gladly welcomed Craig Philips to Ripple’s board, coupled with special ovation to Blockchain Association.

Ripple Published New Cryptocurrency Campaign in Japan and Thailand

Ripple is used with major and outstanding developments lately. About 24 hours ago, the blockchain tech released its new brand awareness campaign.

This stylish cryptocurrency advertisement was reportedly published in Japan and Thailand. The appearance of this short video campaign shook the entire crypto community, as the majority of XRP community members found it extremely interesting and appealing to the progress of the ecosystem.

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