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Ten Democrats have pushed to amend the $1.2Tr  Bipartisan Infrastructure bill signed into law on the 15th of November. Legislators from both the Democratic and Republican parties are both resisting changes that the legislation brings to tax reporting for crypto brokers and transactions over 10,000 dollars. The Democrats led by Florida’s Representative Darren Soto want adjustments to how brokers are defined in the bill.

Efforts Made By Legislators

The group, in a published letter signed by each member of the group, requested changes to section 6045(c)(1) in the tax code of the legislation. Experts believe that the provisions of the infrastructure bill are too broad in their definition of who a broker is. Under the new conditions, people that are not brokers can be considered brokers when they have to pay their taxes.

The ten-person group in the letter called on Nancy Pelosi to filter the current definition and exempt those that don’t offer brokerage services. Darren Soto, in a tweet, made a statement saying they are fighting together to ensure more accuracy in the taxation of cryptocurrency. They are doing this to safeguard end users and make sure that development in the field in the U.S. is not discouraged.

The letter also addressed how the bill, if not amended, could have negative market implications and also slow down advancement in technology. He expresses concerns that the legislation could create hegemonies and allow other countries to move past the U.S. in blockchain technology advancement. 

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In the Senate, senators are also pushing to amend what the brokers are expected to report in their taxes. Senator Ron Wyden and Cynthia Lumis submitted a proposal to protect American blockchain technology advancement and make it possible for people to pay what they owe. Even Republican Senator Ted Cruz proposed new legislation the very next day after the infrastructure bill was passed. He believes the tax reporting rules are an assault on the cryptocurrency industry.

Many Democrats in the Representative house would agree with Ted Cruz as they fear it will stifle development and intrude on citizens’ privacy. Legislators are only now coming to terms with the inner workings of the cryptocurrency industry. Yesterday, they held a hearing to understand these digital assets and define their role as a government. They discussed the taxation of cryptocurrency exchanges along with the importance of privacy and security.

The Demands The Bill Makes On Individuals And Exchanges

Exchanges will be expected to submit forms to the IRS reporting their gains and users to reconcile their tax returns. The requirement, however, is going to lead to a lot of discrepancies because there will be data the exchanges will not have because only the users know what happens on their personal wallets. 

Moving on, when someone or a business receives 10,000 dollars or above in digital assets, they are now required to collect the sender’s details, including things like social security numbers, to report to the IRS. These are problematic because most people go into decentralized finance and crypto because of the system’s privacy. Additionally, there is no guarantee these entities collecting these data can keep them securely.

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