Kraken Sets Sights on Institutional Crypto Market with New Custody Service
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Key Insights:

  • Kraken unveils institutional brand to challenge Coinbase, targeting financial heavyweights and diversifying bitcoin ETF custody solutions.
  • Coinbase’s 90% dominance in bitcoin ETF custody faces competition from Kraken’s new service, promising robust alternatives for investors.
  • Rapid growth in spot bitcoin ETFs drives demand for diversified custody, with Kraken stepping up to mitigate concentration risks in the market.

Kraken has set its sights on the Bitcoin custody market, which is currently dominated by its U.S. counterpart, Coinbase. With Coinbase serving as the custodian for approximately 90% of the assets under management in the spot Bitcoin ETF sector, its dominance is unmistakable. 

However, this landscape is set for a change with Kraken, another giant in the cryptocurrency exchange domain, launching its institutional service. This move by Kraken is not just an attempt to diversify the market but also a strategic step to challenge the existing custody dominance held by Coinbase.

Kraken’s Institutional Ambition Takes Shape

The recent announcement from Kraken about unveiling a new institutional brand marks a bold step towards capturing a larger slice of the institutional business. This comes at a critical juncture when the interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs among traditional financial entities is surging. Kraken Institutional, the new brand, is designed to cater to diverse financial heavyweights, including institutions, asset managers, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals. 

The launch of Kraken Custody, as highlighted by Tim Ogilvie, Head of Institutional at Kraken, is timely. It aims to address the market’s growing need for a broader range of custody solutions, thus mitigating the risk associated with the concentration of custodial services in the hands of a single provider.

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Disrupting the Custody Market Landscape

The current market dynamics, where Coinbase enjoys a dominant position in the Bitcoin ETF custody market, are poised for disruption. The revelation by Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, that Coinbase Custody holds about 90% of the $36 billion in Bitcoin ETF assets underlines the company’s significant influence. 

Nevertheless, Kraken’s introduction of Kraken Institutional is set to challenge this status quo by offering alternative custody solutions. This initiative is crucial for diversifying the custodial landscape and providing more options to issuers of spot Bitcoin ETFs and their investors, thereby enhancing the overall robustness of the crypto ecosystem.

The ETF Phenomenon and Market Dynamics

The cryptocurrency market has seen a remarkable development with the launch of nine new spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, amassing over 300,000 bitcoins in assets under management in a relatively short span. This development reflects the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream investment portfolios and signifies the vibrant investor interest driving the market. The daily trading volumes of these new ETFs have set new records, underscoring the dynamic nature of the crypto investment landscape.

Kraken’s strategic move into the custody arena is intended to provide alternative solutions to the existing market and attract institutional players who are yet to explore the digital assets class. By diversifying the custodial options available, Kraken aims to mitigate the risks associated with a market dominated by a single custodian. This strategy is particularly timely, given the rapid growth expected in institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Institutional Crypto Market’s Diversification

Kraken’s focus on diversifying the institutional crypto market includes challenging the existing market share and preparing for the influx of new entrants. Diversifying the institutional market to encompass a broader range of asset managers is a significant development. It comes at a time when the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies is anticipated to accelerate. Kraken’s efforts to expand its products and services to meet the needs of institutional clients reflect a comprehensive strategy aimed at fostering growth and innovation in the digital asset class.

Moreover, the recent surge in trading volumes, as seen with VanEck’s spot Bitcoin ETF, exemplifies the dynamic nature of the market. The ETF’s unprecedented trading volume suggests a growing interest and participation in the crypto ETF space, highlighting the need for robust and diversified custody solutions.

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