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  • Keystone and UniPass merge to form Account Labs, focused on advancing Account Abstraction (AA) for decentralized accounts in the Web3 era.
  • Account Labs’ new leadership team, led by CEO Liu Lixin and COO Zhi Xian, aims to overcome hurdles in embracing Web3 accounts.
  • Account Abstraction (AA) revolutionizes wallets by offering programmability and intelligent features for seamless Web3 interactions.

In an unprecedented leap forward, Keystone and UniPass have unveiled their merger, culminating in the emergence of a novel establishment named Account Labs. This amalgamation harnesses the collective proficiency of both groups, with a singular emphasis on advancing the realm of Account Abstraction (AA) through dedicated research and development efforts.

UniPass announced in a recent blog post that they have achieved a technological breakthrough. The new advancement is designed to streamline and elevate the administration of decentralized accounts during the Web3 era, providing a more convenient and efficient experience.

Account Labs Unveils New Leadership Team

AI Trading

Liu Lixin, the founder of Keystone, has taken on a new role as the CEO of Account Labs, entrusted with spearheading external engagements and driving comprehensive business growth. Concurrently, Zhi Xian, the founder of UniPass, assumes the position of COO, focusing on overseeing internal operations, leading product research and development endeavors, nurturing a strong team, and ensuring efficient operational management.

Account Labs aims to tackle the hurdles newcomers face in embracing Web3 accounts. Overcoming intricate procedures, unfamiliar notions, and security apprehensions that hinder entry, the team strives to resolve these challenges by capitalizing on the synergistic expertise of their combined forces. Their focus spans diverse domains: cryptographic exploration, software development, product conception, and fortified security measures.

The Account Labs team compares automobiles’ progression and the development of External Owned Accounts (EOAs). They liken EOAs to manual transmission cars while highlighting how Account Abstraction (AA) represents a shift toward automatic vehicles. AA effectively enhances the functionality of EOAs, empowering users to navigate effortlessly within the Web3 ecosystem.

Account Abstraction: Revolutionizing Wallets with Programmable Power

As per the official announcement, AA provides programmability and an expanded array of intelligent features, setting it apart from conventional wallets that depend on EOAs and necessitate users to manage private keys or seed phrases.

Individuals can interact with many Web3 offerings and commodities through self-governing decentralized accounts, enjoying advantages such as grouped transactions, flexible payment options, and diverse signature authorizations.

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