Monday, April 12, 2021

Justin Sun Hints about the Upcoming Tron (TRX) Trading Zone

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron (TRX) has in corroboration with Poloniex exchange’s recent announcement hinted about the TRX trading zone is coming into the Tron ecosystem.

In response to the Poloniex announcement on Twitter regarding the introduction of the new TRX quote pairs, Justin Sun said, “TRX trading zone is coming”.

Poloniex shared about the introduction of new Tron (TRX) quote pairs, which will include Ethereum (ETH) against TRX and XRP against TRX in its new TRX trading section.

The crypto exchange then implored the users to get ready for full trading. The markets are now in post-only mode to get the users ready.

Poloniex shared this, “Introducing new TRX quote pairs including ETH/TRX and XRP/TRX in our newly dedicated TRX trading section! The markets are now open in post-only mode, check them out and get ready for full trading coming soon.”

TRONZ Is Conducting a Mainnet MPC before the Launch of the Privacy Coin

In a series of tweets, Tron Foundation shared that TRONZ is conducting a Mainnet MPC before the launch of the much-anticipated privacy coin coming to the Tron ecosystem.

According to the report, the MPC Torch Project plans to leverage zk-SNARKS-based anonymity to reshape the internet.

“TRONZ is conducting a Mainnet MPC before the launch of the privacy coin. The MPC Torch Project seeks to utilize zk-SNARKS-based anonymity to reshape the Internet.”

TRONZ’s Ultimate Goal Shared by Tron Foundation

“The ultimate goal for TRONZ is to improve the security and credibility of the setup and provide a set of fair and reliable parameters for all of humanity.

“TRONZ would like to invite everyone from the community to be part of the MPC Torch Project. In honor of pioneers in privacy protocol, TRONZ is giving $100 to privacy protocol foundations for each participant.

“By contributing to the MPC, you’re supporting every privacy project thereafter. You will be contributing to mankind’s exploration of a true privacy protocol. We are calling on the community to be part of it!” Tron Foundation shared.

Conclusively, the Tron Foundation directed the users interested in participating to visit Github or contact TRONZ via for a direct application.

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