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In the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas attack, the Israel authority launched a sword of iron operation to reclaim its control over the country. From intense bombarding and the complete siege that has made Southern Israel unbearable, various government agencies have devised strategies to challenge Hamas’ capabilities.

In an advanced report, the Israel Police’s Lahav 433 cyber unit announced plans to freeze all accounts tied to the Palestine terrorist group. The law enforcer noted that the Hamas team has been raising funds on social media platforms to support their unlawful activities. The cyber unit indicated that Hamas had launched a fundraising campaign days after launching strings of attacks in Israel. 

Israeli Police Freezes Hamas’ Binance Accounts

Addressing News 0404, the Lahav 433 team revealed plans to adopt a collaborative approach to track and identify the accounts used by the Hamas group. The report indicated that the Lahav 433 would work closely with the Israeli National Headquarters for Economic Combating Terrorism (METL) unit, the general service unit, and other law enforcement agencies.

The Lahav 433 announcement came when key players in the crypto sector launched the fundraising project to rebuild a resilient future for the Israelis. Based on the current economic slowdown, the officials from fast-growing firms agreed to raise crypto donations to support the victims from the brutal attack.

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The proposed crypto donations aim at motivating the Web3 community to support Israel in rebuilding their lives. On Saturday, October 7, the Palestine terrorist group launched a “surprise” attack on Israel challenging its powerful military.

The Hamas attack was described to be more severe than that of ISIS. The cruelty of the Hamas group resulted in loss of lives, misplacement of people, rape case, and beheading of several soldiers.

In response to the devastating violence, the renowned prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced a complete siege in Gaza. This enforcement approach aimed at restoring normalcy and supporting the victim to recover from the attack.

Binance Collaborates with Israel Enforcement Unit

According to the Lahav 433, the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume, Binance has agreed to support the Israeli intelligence unit in tracing the accounts and digital wallets owned by the Hamas group. The report demonstrated that the funds raised by Hamas will seized and transferred to the Israeli Treasury.

A statement from the Binance spokesperson revealed that the crypto exchange has been working tirelessly to support the Israelis to stop the fight and restore peace in the country. The spokesperson confessed that the Binance team has always collaborated with regulators and law enforcers to address financial terrorism.

The Binance team agreed to utilize the law enforcers’ investigative tools to gather critical information concerning individuals associated with an illicit group. In the latter, the Binance team vowed to collaborate with the law enforcers to identify individuals linked to suspicious organizations.

Additionally, the Israeli law enforcers will collaborate with the British intelligence units to suspend the bank accounts tied to the terrorist group.

Measure Implemented to to Track Suspicious Transaction Related to Hamas

In a previous report, the Israeli authority collaborated with Binance to freeze around 189 crypto wallets owned by the Hamas group. The report demostrated that the Hamas group has been raising funds through crypto to support its activities.

Interestingly, the expected freezing of the account linked to Hamas mirrors the regulatory measure undertaken by the US in 2022. Earlier, the US authority teamed up with Binance to identify financial facilitators based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who were suspected to be linked to the Hamas.

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