Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Is Cardano (ADA) OBFT Hardfork Comparable to Any of Bitcoin Hard Forks? Details

In reaction to the news going around the cryptocurrency space, an account that represents the Cardano community on Twitter has recently come out to correct the wrong notion about the upcoming Cardano (ADA) OBFT hard fork.

In a tweet shared a couple of hours ago, the Cardano community referenced an article published by a major cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph titled “Cardano to change consensus protocol in mid-February hard fork.

Trying to make necessary clarification regarding the trending update, it said that the Cardano (ADA) OBFT is technically a hard fork but it’s far different from the various Bitcoin hard-forks that have ever existed.

Cardano Community shared this, “Hello. You may have heard or read about an upcoming Cardano OBFT hard-fork via various media. While this is technically a hard fork, it won’t look anything like the various hard-forks that happened and exist to date…

Message for Yoroi and Daedalus Users

The community representative also shared that Yoroi wallet users shouldn’t take any action since all parties of the present federated system have reached an agreement regarding the protocol upgrade.

While Daedalus users could have necessarily been prompted to upgrade their wallets, but this is not necessary anymore as it’s been programmed to upgrade automatically.

“…All parties of the current federated system have agreed to the protocol upgrade, so no action is required from Yoroi users. Daedalus users will have to upgrade their wallet, but no more. The whole process should smoothly happen automatically. More info later,” ADA community representative concluded.

Solomon Odunayo
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