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Following the announcement that Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain gaming platform, will be available for download on the Apple Play Store, the Web3 community believe that the tech behemoth has had a change of mind.

Accordingly, Stepn has reportedly launched a digital asset trading platform on the Apple app store.

Apple Makes U-turn on Crypto and Blockchain

Recently, Axie Infinity, the popular Web3 game creator, made a significant announcement by revealing the game’s availability for download on Apple’s App Store. This indicates a possible change in Apple’s perspective on iPhone mobile games built on blockchain technology.

AI Trading

Stepn, a fitness app leveraging blockchain technology and crypto rewards, also made a similar move. According to the Australia-based firm, users can now conveniently trade Stepn’s digital collectibles within the app, eliminating the need to use an external non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

In a recent interview, Stepn’s Chief Operating Officer, Shiti Manghani, shed light on the current development. He noted that the move was a monumental achievement unlike any other one.

Internally, the company recognizes it as the most groundbreaking event in crypto, yet it remains relatively unknown to many. Furthermore, Stepn unveiled an innovative integration that enables users to acquire digital assets using conventional credit cards associated with their Apple Pay account.

This integration introduces a streamlined and user-friendly approach to purchasing Stepn’s digital assets. Apple’s App Store policy concerning transactions of in-game assets has received criticism due to their perceived biases against certain firms.

Apple’s mandatory policy that app developers must share 30% of their transaction income with the firm has been a particularly prickly issue. This demand poses a significant financial burden for blockchain-based applications that facilitate trading high-value digital assets, reaching substantial sums ranging from hundreds to thousands and even millions of dollars.

The Battle For Dominance

Boasting millions of downloads, Stepn stands out as an app that offers a distinctive experience. Users can acquire sneaker-related NFTs and earn token rewards through walking, running, or jogging.

Moreover, each pair of shoes have distinct attributes that directly impact users’ ability to accumulate rewards. This innovative approach merges the world of digital collectibles with physical fitness, creating a novel and engaging user experience.

To acquire the sneaker NFTs on Stepn, iPhone users must obtain in-app credits that can be exchanged for the desired digital assets. Additionally, Stepn’s marketplace facilitates the buying and selling these sneaker-related NFTs using various cryptocurrencies.

Thus, it expands the avenues for users to engage in transactions within the app ecosystem. This integrated approach provides a seamless and secure environment for users to explore and participate in the evolving world of digital collectibles.

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