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InterActive Review

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It doesn’t take a genius to notice that cybersecurity-related issues are currently on the rise. More and more people are growing concerned about their data and funds being at risk. This is especially the case among users on financial platforms, such as online traders. It’s why many traders are choosing to switch to a different online broker as a way to keep their data secure. One example in this regard is broker, which is gaining attention for its safety measures. With this InterActive review, I’ll discuss how it keeps users’ data and funds safe from any risks.

Despite the availability of different online brokers, few are able to check all the boxes when it comes to combining security with functionality. Consequently, traders end up missing out on many features. Let’s see how this broker stacks up against the rest. 

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Encrypts Users’ Personal And Financial Data

For starters, the InterActive broker platform is equipped with an SSL encryption certificate, which is used to prove a secure connection between the platform and the users’ browsers. Since it’s a web-based broker, there’s no need to download a specific application and give it multiple permissions in order for it to work. Thanks to the encryption protocol, it’s able to encrypt all of a user’s data, whether it’s their personal or financial information, as it’s transmitted. 

This means any time a trader enters information on their browser, it’s encrypted and then decrypted upon reaching its destination. This way, there’s no risk of bad actors intercepting the data and exploiting it for their personal gains. 

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Verified Payment Methods And Segregated Accounts

The SSL certificate on the InterActive trading platform is effective at protecting users’ financial data as well. So, whenever you need to enter data to complete a transaction, it’s easier to do so without any worries. Additionally, the broker only offers verified and safe payment methods. This includes options such as your typical Mastercard or VISA credit card, a bank wire transfer, an eWallet transaction, and a bunch of other options. 

And each time users make a deposit, the money goes to a segregated account. This is a separate account from the one that holds money for operations. As a result, users’ deposit funds are never mixed with the money that the broker uses to continue running the platform. 

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Restrictions On Leveraged Trades

Making leveraged trades is a great way to amplify one’s gains as long as you have a good enough strategy. However, it’s important to remember that leveraged positions can also be quite risky if the market doesn’t turn out the way you intended. To prevent inexperienced traders from taking up leveraged positions, the trading platform has limited them to high-tier accounts. 

Therefore, traders who want to take up leveraged positions on a certain asset will need to upgrade their trading account first. Also, traders can set up stop-loss orders to prevent facing major losses that affect their outcomes. That way, if the value of an asset goes above or below the specified price, its position is closed. 

Verifies Users And Flags On Suspicious Transactions

The last thing I’ll mention in this InterActive review is how the platform has Know Your Customer policies in place to ensure that no one is signing up with fake information. Thanks to KYC policies, users can ensure that there are no unauthorized people using the platform. It also reduces the risk of identity theft and similar problems.

Similarly, there are specific Anti-Money laundering policies in place to avoid issues like criminals using the platform as a way to launder money. As part of the InterActive trading platform’s AML policies, any suspicious transactions being made from an account are flagged. Moreover, users must use the same deposit and withdrawal method. 

Is InterActive Scam Or Legit?

While cybersecurity features have a major benefit for traders, InterActive broker also offers other advantages to enhance the trading experience. It offers a range of asset classes to choose from, like stock options and popular cryptocurrencies for crypto trading, encouraging diverse portfolios among users. Also, the user-friendly interface with multi-device compatibility makes it an excellent choice for busy traders who are on the go. There are even advanced trading tools to enhance strategy formation, proving that it’s a legit platform. 

Bottom Line

To summarize this review, here’s an intuitive trading platform that’s designed to offer functionality and security at the same time. It has an SSL encryption certificate, which proves a secure connection between the user’s browser and the platform. Also, it offers verified payment methods for safe deposits as well as withdrawals.

Thanks to tiered trading accounts, there are restrictions on access to leveraged trades. And there are KYC and AML policies as well to verify each user before they join the platform. Considering it has all this and a user-friendly interface, I’d definitely recommend it to fellow traders.

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