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Based on recent developments, developers will soon be able to transfer their Solana Web3 applications to the Cosmos ecosystem, expanding the user base of these applications and enabling Cosmos blockchains to serve a broader range of purposes.

The developers of Injective (INJ), a Cosmos-based protocol, noted that the network had launched a layer-2 testnet that incorporates Solana’s Sea Level Virtual Machine (SVM).

Injective Launches New SVM Roll-up Called Cascade

The development implies that specified Solana developers can test the feasibility of integrating their applications into the Cosmos ecosystem without requiring alterations to the programming language or tools utilized. Also, a representative from Injective revealed that the newly launched network, “Cascade,” leverages optimistic roll-up technology.

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Per the announcement, Eclipse, an enterprise offering optimistic roll-ups and customized zero-knowledge to developers, facilitated the creation of the new layer. The CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, Eric Chen, emphasized that Cosmos users and the Solana developer community would benefit from the integration.

He stated, “In addition to allowing Solana developers to launch their DApps on Injective, the fresh SVM roll-up would also create more avenues for users to access the best Web3 apps on a unified network.” According to Injective, the testnet is presently private but will provide limited spots for chosen Solana developers.

An Alchemy report revealed that the active Solana developer teams have surged by over 1,000% YoY in Q3 2022. DappRadar, a Web3 analytics firm, noted that the network offers several apps with more than 2,000 unique users.

Furthermore, the apps on the Solana network include Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace, and MeanFi, a DeFi protocol. Nevertheless, establishing Solana Web3 apps for use with the Solana SVM limits it to Solana.

Thus, moving these apps to other networks would require significant rewriting, making it a challenging task for Solana developers. Last month, Eclipse developed an SVM roll-up for the Polygon network.

Nitro Labs Also Launched An SVM In September 2022

Meanwhile, the Cosmos is a collection of blockchain networks that are interconnected and created using a typical software development kit and consensus engine. The Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) links the networks within the Cosmos ecosystem, enabling the transfer of assets between networks in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Besides Injective Labs, Nitro Labs ensures Solana apps can work with Cosmos. In September, Nitro Labs unveiled the development of an SVM roll-up for the Sei network and launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) for its testnet last month.

Over the last couple of years, the Cosmos ecosystem has been expanding rapidly. Earlier this month, the governance of Cosmos Hub gave the green light to the V9-Lambda upgrade.

This upgrade initiates the deployment of Interchain Security (ICS) and enables ecosystem members to share validation resources. Furthermore, Circle recently announced the introduction of USDC on Cosmos via the Noble Network.

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