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Living in a patriarchal society, it was always assumed that the eldest son would be left to care for their family. I tried many ways of earning money but found my age and gender didn’t help me get ahead. Finally, deciding on joining the army where they paid for training before transferring you somewhere else with no compensation seemed like an option worth taking because at least there’s some dignity attached to them soldiering even if financially speaking it wasn’t great either way.

Then I tried my luck in trading and it wasn’t easy for me since I had no background in financial markets but I eventually found it rewarding when you actually get the hang of how this works and now here I am writing this InfinityCapitalG review.

At first I didn’t know where to start and what to do, so I spent days doing research from different sources like books and the internet as well as watching YouTube videos on how other people made money through Forex trading. It wasn’t easy for me since I had no background in financial markets but I eventually found it rewarding when you actually get the hang of how this works.

InfinityCapitalG – Forex trading platform was the one I decided to go with for my trading and I couldn’t be any happier that I chose this. It was a total luck that I decided to go with this trading platform. I loved it because there was no pressure on me to keep consistent in any way and within a week I already started seeing results since this company doesn’t require you to have capital at the start unlike most Forex companies.

AI Trading

Anyway, in this InfinityCapitalG Review, I wanted to reveal everything I know about this amazing trading platform. I will be talking about not only it pros but its cons as well.

Customer Service:

It’s not just enough for a Forex broker to have an intuitive interface and competitive spreads. Their customer service needs to be on point in order for traders like you (and me) who are new, old or high-volume alike, will feel comfortable with them. That means their response time has gotta keep up with your urgency—which is hard when they’re dealing with tons of other customers at the same time!

Here we take each one through this examination: do they answer quickly? Are there any language barriers that make support difficult? What about email responsiveness; does it seem reasonable considering how many people need help concurrently? And finally…are these brokers timely in responding if something goes wrong?!

The answers to all these questions in my InfinityCapitalG Review is: YES!

In my trading career, this is the only platform that has not let me down when it comes to customer service. They provide phone service, Live Chat, and E-mail. I have used all these options and they are all speedy. One thing that makes me feel so good about their customer service support is the fact that they offer a lot of educational materials, both through webinars and PDFs on their website. I’ve acquired tons of knowledge from these resources!

In most of their account types, they have dedicated one of their account managers to the users. I was also assigned one. My account manager has helped me a lot. She provides me with assistance on placing orders and a few other things I’ve been asking her whenever she has the time to look into my account.

I would like to mention in this InfinityCapitalG Review that whenever I have questions, I just send them an email or chat with one of their representatives online, whoever it is capable of answering my question; no matter how long they take to reply back to me, I am always assured of a response. It takes about 1 minute for my questions to be replied in the online chat and around 15 minutes if I send an email, which is more than enough time for me to wait since I don’t usually need their assistance urgently.

Educational center:

This is another important aspect of any platform and that is I wanted to talk about it in this InfinityCapitalG Review. The educational center is pretty well developed. It offers its clients eBooks, Glossary section, Asset Index, and a FAQ section.

I have seen many trading platforms do not provide eBooks to their users and even if they do, they charge them for it. But all the educational material available on this trading platform are free of cost. You will find the section having all new articles on forex trading.

This educational center can be used by both beginners and professionals. If you are a professional trader then it is highly unlikely that there would be anything new for you which this platform has not covered in its eBooks library. The glossary section is very useful as it provides technical terms and definitions. If you are a beginner then this educational center will help you learn more about forex market and how to trade it effectively. It contains all the information regarding forex trading platform for beginners.

For me the educational center has to be pretty well developed. And so far in this InfinityCapitalG Review, you can tell that they take this matter seriously.

The FAQ section is pretty useful as you can find most of your questions being answered in there. Just go through them one by one when in doubt.

But one thing that I noticed is that all the educational materials are outdated. So, it will be a lot of help if they update all the eBooks and glossary section.

Safety and security:

When it comes to safety and security, InfinityCapitalG is one of the most superior platforms for Forex trading available on the market today. This platform has been updated continuously since its inception with features such as backup systems which have ensured peace of mind about every transaction made through this site – there’s never any worry when using this company due to their expertise at keeping customer information separate from other sensitive data while still being able accessible by those who need them should an issue arise.

If you are looking for a trading platform that is safe and secure, then it is important to look at the safety protocols provided by any given exchange. That’s why I wanted to touch on this point in my InfinityCapitalG review as well.

In terms of safety, InfinityCapitalG implements a variety of measures both on their website and through customer service. The site has been designed with security in mind from the start, providing clients with information regarding how they protect their privacy (as well as that of their customers) and making it clear that they won’t share any sensitive data with outside sources.

The platforms policy includes:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Anti-money Laundering policy and KYC
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy.

All these policies are well mentioned and described on their platform to ensure their users to be aware of them.

Anybody who is new to foreign exchange trading may feel overwhelmed by the amount of technical and financial information they have to take in before beginning. I would also like to add this one important thing in this InfinityCapitalG review that in an attempt to assist traders, InfinityCapitalG has developed its own free educational library that provides first-hand knowledge regarding market trends, popular currency pairs, and trading methods.

Payment Methods:

With so many options for paying, you can be sure that no matter how the customer prefers to pay InfinityCapitalG will have a solution. You might even find an option that suits your needs better than others!

There are plenty of ways to deposit money into your account with Infinity Capital G and Bitcoin transactions is one way customers love. They also offer wire transfers as well as e-wallet like Master card and Maestro solutions but they should add VISA in order to provide more payment methods since it’s such a popular choice among consumers worldwide.

This platform is not only extremely secure but also has an efficient withdrawal system and I wanted to appreciate this service in my InfinityCapitalG review. The processing time for withdrawals are almost immediate and they don’t charge any fees during the process, which means that you’re getting your funds as soon as possible without worrying about additional expenses on top of it; all customers get 24/7 customer support to help solve their issues with complete sincerity.

My Final Verdict:

Infinity Capital Group is a legit trading platform. I have been trading with this company since 2 years now and have been able to achieve a good profit. They are legit software provider that will help you make Forex trading easier and profitable. After going through their web, I can attest they do provide genuine signals. But the final decision on whether to trade or not rests on you. All the software tools are very user friendly and can be easily downloaded in your computer or mobile devices.

I have tried to cover the most important parts of the trading platform in my InfinityCapitalG review and I hope this helps you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from the writers experience and thier self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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