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ImmutableX is set to introduce the new platform in April 2023 as a non-custodial wallet. The latest update indicated that the platform would serve as the gamer profile while authenticating solutions oriented to the Web3 game.

One-Stop Shop for Gaming Studios 

The Ethereum-based scaling system is launching the one-stop shop suited to gaming studios that seek to onboard web3 gamers.

The ImmutableX research team revealed that development studios seek to integrate web3 features into their games. The team observed that the studios prioritized security, compliance, compatible plug features, and facilitated onboarding.

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The new platform is a non-custodial wallet that mirrors the Xbox Gamertag. Its authentication solution and gamer profile replicate the Apple ID, as the password is not mandatory to access. It implies that the ImmutableX platform disengages in signing transactions and hardly retains the users’ private keys.

Facilitated Access for Players in Immutable Passport 

The new platform will enable players to access composite tools featured within the Immutable Passport. The firm declared that the Passport would accommodate a secure digital wallet. The platform will accommodate fraud protection mechanisms while guaranteeing seamless authentication between the protocol and Web3 games.

The immutable team revealed that the new platform would aid Web3 gaming studios to stimulate adoption in mainstream audiences. In addition, the tool is set to sustain enterprise-grade security without compromising access to essential player analytics. The firm declared that the studio integrating Passport would benefit from active players operating within the ImmutableX community.

Invisible and Safe Onboarding

Immutable president Robbie Ferguson revealed that invisible and secure onboarding is necessary for Web3 gaming to build a billion-player base. It is crucial to create a compatible tool across various games irrespective of the device, including console, desktop, and mobile.

Ferguson portrayed the Passport as accommodating sovereignty rights if users were a self-custodial wallet accessible through email and a single-time password. Passport is projected to redefine the gaming segment by lowering user acquisition costs.

Popularity of Blockchain Games

Meanwhile, the introduction of ImmutableX Passport coincides with the emergence of multiple blockchain-based games revolutionizing their operations. Leading gaming firms, including Ubisoft and Square Enix, have recently integrated cryptos. The entry into digital assets has seen gaming firms integrate non-fungible tokens – (NFT) in generating alternative revenue streams.

Active development and increased investment are evident and redefining the Web3 gaming sector. A report by blockchain data analyst DappRadar revealed that fundraising netted $748 million in rounds held in August 2022 oriented to Web3 games.


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