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PancakeSwap is a leading decentralized crypto exchange designed atop the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Developed as a rival to the likes of Uniswap, it stands out with its more affordable transaction costs and accelerated processing times.

Of all the DEXs housed on the BSC, PancakeSwap claims the crown in terms of trade volume and user base. One of its unique features is the ability to carry out transactions directly from a decentralized wallet, ensuring users maintain full autonomy over their digital assets, unlike centralized platforms such as Binance or Coinbase.

Engaging with PancakeSwap

The trading experience on PancakeSwap is refreshingly straightforward. It spares you the complexity of charts. The system handles all the math, offering a seamless experience. Before you begin, ensure you’ve got a BSC-compatible decentralized wallet. Such wallets are available across various platforms, from desktops to mobile devices.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet stands as a favored decentralized wallet accessible on smartphones and PCs. Apart from its support for decentralized applications (DApps), it’s also tailored for NFT enthusiasts and in-wallet staking.

AI Trading

Key features include effortless crypto network toggling, in-built staking, and built-in NFT collections. While its integration with Binance is a plus, some critiques include its reliance on phone settings for language and occasional lag in transaction notifications.


MetaMask, primarily a browser extension, is renowned for its Ethereum-based functionalities. It’s adaptable, with BEP2, BEP20, Avalanche, and other chains being manually addable.

Beyond its browser roots, MetaMask has a dedicated app for mobile and PC users. It’s praised for its robust security, abundant online guides, open-source nature, and multilingual support. Notably, it’s primed for both NFTs and an extensive range of DApps.

Trading Essentials on PancakeSwap

To engage with PancakeSwap, one must possess BEP20 tokens—BSC’s signature tokens. These tokens facilitate trades and act as ‘gas fees’ for transactions. Specifically, the BEP20 BNB coin, often termed ‘Smartchain’, is the de facto fuel for BSC operations.

Trading BEP20 Tokens on PancakeSwap

1. Wallet Setup

Before diving in, ensure you’ve set up your decentralized wallet, be it Trust Wallet or MetaMask, and acquired BEP20 tokens and BNB for transaction fees.

2. Accessing PancakeSwap

Navigate to PancakeSwap’s official website.

3. Connecting Your Wallet

For Android Users (Trust Wallet): Open your Trust Wallet, tap on the ‘Dapp’ section, and select ‘PancakeSwap’ under ‘Popular’ or ‘Exchanges’. Once on PancakeSwap’s page, hit ‘Connect’.

For iOS Users (Trust Wallet): Trust Wallet offers a comprehensive guide on using WalletConnect for connecting to PancakeSwap.

For MetaMask Users: Ensure you’ve imported the BSC network. Then, access PancakeSwap via MetaMask’s built-in decentralized browser.

4. Making the Swap

From Token Selection: The default is BNB. Choose the token you wish to swap from the ‘From’ dropdown. You’ll see a balance indicator for your selected token.

To Token Selection: Select your desired token from the ‘To’ dropdown. Input the amount you want to swap or let it auto-fill based on your ‘From’ token’s value.

5. Finalizing the Trade

Press the ‘Swap’ button. Review the details in the ‘Confirm Swap’ popup. Once confirmed, your wallet will prompt an authentication request. After approving, the swap will commence.

6. Transaction Verification

For peace of mind, you can track your transaction on BscScan, BSC’s blockchain explorer, to confirm the success of your swap.

Features and Facilities

1. Liquidity Provision

PancakeSwap rewards users who provide liquidity to currency pairs. By doing so, users receive LP Tokens, indicating their share in the liquidity pool. When withdrawing, users exchange these LP Tokens for their initial contribution plus fees. However, it’s worth noting that providing liquidity carries certain risks.

2. PancakeSwap Lottery

Users can purchase lottery tickets on PancakeSwap, hoping for a chance to win prizes.

3. NFT Market

PancakeSwap boasts a vibrant NFT marketplace, offering a platform for users to trade non-fungible tokens.

4. Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)

Projects can propose initial pools on PancakeSwap, allowing them to secure the necessary funds to kick-start their ventures.

5. Limited Orders with Gelato Network

In its updated version, PancakeSwap, in collaboration with the Gelato Network, now supports limit orders. This means users can set a desired price for their trades. Once the market price matches the set price, the trade is automatically executed.


Overall, PancakeSwap offers a comprehensive set of features, catering to a wide range of needs within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

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