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The crypto trading industry has been around for over a decade. To be precise, the industry is almost 15 years old and it’s had an adventurous journey over these many years. The industry has become enormous be it the number of cryptocurrencies or segments. The industry has continued gaining more and more success, bringing in many useful aspects to the sector.

However, one of the most important aspects of the crypto industry is the cryptocurrency wallets. Over time, the need for crypto wallets has become more important due to security concerns. If I have your attention by now, then I will talk about the kinds of crypto wallets you will find in the industry that you can adopt.

Hot Wallets (Online Wallets)

The term “Hot Wallets” is given to the cryptocurrency wallets that exist as online storage. These are mainly software-based applications that run directly in the operating system after being downloaded or operating through web browsers.

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Let me talk about some of the most prominent hot wallets that you can interact with when being part of crypto trades.

Mobile Wallets

The first kind of wallet that fall under the ‘Hot Wallets’ category is the mobile wallet. As you continue to trade and store funds, you can move them to your mobile wallet. It is an app-based wallet that you can download and install on your mobile device.

You can then access the wallet whenever you want to send or receive funds to other users or exchanges. It is very convenient because it is always accessible through your mobile phone.

However, there is a certain drawback to having such a wallet on hand and that is pertaining to security and the possibility of the wallet being hacked. As the wallet is installed on your mobile device, you have to connect it to the internet from time to time.

This means that the hackers can always come up with a way or a weakness in your device to breach into your wallet’s security and steal the funds. Even if you disconnect your device from the internet, it is still accessible through the carrier’s signals. This means that you always have an axe hanging over your head and to some extent, you may be at the mercy of the hackers.

Desktop Wallets

Like the mobile wallets, you have to download the desktop wallets into your PC or laptop before you can start using them. Because the laptops and computers are not connected with a SIM, they can be considered partially online. This is because when the internet is not connected to these devices, hackers or exploiters cannot access them to steal funds from your wallets.

However, you do have to connect them to the internet to update the data and send/receive funds. In such a case, the wallet becomes vulnerable to hackers or exploiters.

These wallets require extra care like mobile wallets as they can be accessed by hackers and even by someone who gains access to your operating system.

Web Wallets

Then come the web wallets that are extremely vulnerable because of their nature. Although these wallets offer a great level of utility and convenience being available through the web browser, they are always at risk of being hacked.

The hackers can always access the wallets even when you are away from them and are not using them. If they have access to your credentials, then can access the wallet and steal the funds without you having any idea about it.

Despite being convenient, hot wallets are considered the most vulnerable wallets. Therefore, you have to be very careful and vigilant when interacting with them. Whenever performing crypto trades, you have to ensure that you store the funds in the wallet and kept its security at the highest level.

Take all the precautions you can to keep their security level high and satisfactory. Most of the time, hot wallets offer the 2-factor authentication (2FA) functionality that increases your wallet security. You can use this particular option and increase your wallet’s security.

Cold Wallets (Offline Wallets)

Cold wallets are exactly the opposite in nature of online wallets. They are mainly offline, which means that they are not vulnerable to any hacking attempts or exploits at all. Most of the time, cold wallets exist in the form of hardware. Here are the most prominent and highly adopted wallets from the particular category.

Hardware Wallets

These wallets exist in the physical form and are connected to the internet only when you have to move the keys from your online account to the wallet. This is the only point where the wallets have to be connected to the internet, otherwise, they remain offline.

These wallets exist in the form of a USB that you can connect to the internet to store your keys. At times, these USBs come with a small touchscreen that can show the keys and they also exist without such a utility.

As these wallets exist in the form of hardware, you have to be careful with them. You have to carry them wherever you go or keep them in a safe.

Paper Wallets

Then come to the paper wallets, which suggest that they exist physically. Most of the time, these paper wallets have the keys to your funds stored on the paper or exist in the form of a QR code. These wallets are very delicate as they can be damaged or lost if you lack in their care.

Despite their physical nature and the inconvenience they pose as they have to be carried out everywhere you go, they are much safer than online wallets.


Always remember that when you are interacting with cryptocurrencies and performing trades, the most important factor is the wallet. They have to be very secure and protected all the time. But these wallets should be convenient and easy to access. You have to keep these factors in mind when you are accessing these wallets.

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