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Ledger reportedly released a controversial update to its crypto wallet with a new feature added to all its hardware devices. Released on May 16, the new update named “Ledger Recovery” is an ID-based private key platform that allows users back up their secret key seed phrase.

Ledger’s Contentious Update

Crypto Twitter was buzzing after Ledger announced the release of its new update, which was initially advertised before its launch. However, the release reportedly sparked panic in the crypto community due to speculations over the security of the new feature.

The firm introduced Ledger Recovery, an innovative ID-driven solution for safeguarding users’ private keys. With Recovery, users can securely store their private seed phrases using a personalized identity system powered by a robust network of three trusted custodians.

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For a monthly subscription fee, users can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their digital assets are protected. It is worth noting that a seed phrase is a powerful cryptographic tool that safeguards the key to restoring your valuable cryptocurrency in the event of hardware wallet loss or theft.

However, committing the 12-word phrase, often composed of random words, to memory can pose a significant challenge. As a result, many users often resort to various strategies, such as transcribing it onto paper or securely storing it on a USB drive or any alternative storage medium.

While the hardware wallet company firmly emphasizes the voluntary nature of its new offering and assures users that they can independently back up their seed phrases, Ledger owners remain skeptical about the implications for the overall security of the company’s products.

Does Ledger Have A Backdoor?

As speculation over Ledger’s overall system security continues to gain traction, the firm has reiterated that its products have no backdoor feature and that the new feature is optional. This implies that if users choose not to participate, it will not impact the functionality or security of their Ledger devices in any way.

During a Twitter Space session featuring various Ledger executives, Nicolas Bacca, one of the co-founders of Ledger, stressed that the recent update should not be perceived as a backdoor since no actions will occur without the user’s consent on their device. Furthermore, Bacca emphasized that the update does not introduce additional vulnerabilities or avenues for potential attacks on Ledger wallets.

Meanwhile, there has been increased debate on Crypto Twitter on whether choosing to opt into the service comes with a potential security vulnerability. He added that this situation could be exploited by malicious hackers and increase the likelihood of unintentional information leakage due to software bugs.

However, Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana, expressed his belief that the fundamental nature of owning a Ledger device remains essentially unchanged. His statement suggests that users trust the company to uphold their commitment to not accessing users’ private keys.

Is A Wallet Switch Helpful?

The choice of which wallet to utilize varies for each user. Their choice depends on their level of understanding regarding secure private key management and their sense of responsibility. Preferences among users diverge when it comes to selecting wallets, ranging from a choice for paper wallets to a mobile-first approach.

Hardware wallets are seen as best suited for the secure storage of substantial cryptocurrency holdings. Additionally, some individuals opt for joint custodial solutions, which involve multiple private keys that require a specific number of them to authorize transactions.

This approach prevents individuals from unilaterally authorizing a transaction, enhancing security measures. As Ledger Recover remains an optional service, users who choose not to utilize it will witness no alterations to their current seed phrase management on their respective devices.

Meanwhile, Ledger’s CTO, Charles Guillemet, revealed that the firm will always prioritize user security and custody despite the fears.

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